Home Bedroom How to Design a Truly Functional Home Office/Guest Room Combo

How to Design a Truly Functional Home Office/Guest Room Combo


We all want to achieve function and style in our homes, and make the most out of the space we have. It is common sense then, to plan the little space you do have to serve a double purpose. This can be really tricky if you want to have a functional work space, allow guests to stay overnight, and maintain the overall design flow of your home. The solution: smart planning and adding space saving features to design a truly functional and stylish home office-guest room combo.

Get a Modern Daybed

Modern daybeds are great space-savers, as they serve both as an office sitting area, and a functioning guest bed. During the day the day bed is used like a normal couch, while at night it can be pulled out, becoming a bed. Their contemporary look also works really well with all the modern gadgets and furniture of usually found in an office. On the other hand, their low-profile allows for more headroom in offices that are packed with bookshelves or document storage units.

Pull-out bed
Pull-out bed is a practical sleeping option

Minimalist Platform Storage Beds

When it comes to sleek, modern design, the main theme in interior design seems to be minimalism. Platform storage beds situated in a home office provide a lot more storage space, than regular shelving solutions. The compartments beneath a Japanese futon or an innerspring mattress, add to the minimal design of the room. A built-in desk, opposite to the bed, and flatwave runner rugs placed between the bed and desk, add spaciousness by elongating the perspective and line of sight of the room.

Save Space with a Built-In Daybed

A built-in daybed is a great fusion for really small rooms. Placing it end-to-end, the bed will take the entire width of the furthest wall, leaving the rest of the space free to accommodate a simple desk and chair. If, in fact, the room is not wide enough, expand the beds width to compensate the bed’s length and achieve the maximum amount of comfort for your guest. Additionally, in case the room has no natural light source, use lighting fixtures to create a dramatic effect.

Be Creative with Storage

When you want to place a quality guest bed, without losing on the functionality of the office, look towards creative storage solutions. Look to extend a shelf at seating high in a shelf cabinet. Placed next to the bed, it serves as a functioning office desk, while still giving you all the storage space a normal workstation requires.

 home office shelving
Proper shelving is crucial for a guest room home office combo

Install a Built-In Desk

Another great solution when you want to provide comfort to guests and allow them to sleep in a normal-sized bed is a folding, wall-mounted desk. When the room functions as an office, the desk is simply pulled up and fixed with fittings, while you can use the side of the bed as an office chair. At night, the desk is folded back against the wall, giving guests more maneuverability around the room.

Add a Folding Bed to Your Open Plan

Similarly to the previous option, you can also maximize space in your home office/guest room by creating a horizontally folding bed design. Instead of building it into the wall directly, customize it to fold from a wall-to-wall shelf casing. This gives additional storage space and maintain the inconspicuous look of a functioning office, even in an open floor designed apartment.

Whether the room will serve more as a home office or more as a guest room, will guide your decision. Remember to plan your layout wisely and use every bit of space available, and you will be well under way to designing a truly functional guest room-home office combo.