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Bathroom Design Trends to Keep an Eye out for in 2017

Eco-friendly bathroom
Eco-friendly aspect never goes out of fashion

Redecorating your home isn’t easy – it takes patience, money, time and effort to create a space you’ll enjoy day after day. But, most of all, you need proper ideas, especially if you want to build something special. That’s why more and more people follow current trends and get inspired by what experts recommend. If you’re getting ready to renovate your bathroom, here are some of the best trends you should consider in 2017.

Neuntral bathroom colours
Neutral colours will still prevail

Natural Materials

With the whole world going crazy for environmentally aware products – from LED lights to electric cars and everything in between – it’s no surprise that the organic trend has entered the world of home renovations. Contemporary designers accentuate natural materials, their unique use and functionality, as well as the way they blend with other materials. Some of the aspects of this natural renovation philosophy are clean colors, straight lines and elegant combinations, so these are the guidelines you should stick to.

Free Flow

Back in the day, renovation professionals often separated bathrooms into two parts: the floor and the walls. Therefore, they used to arrange their shapes, color schemes and patterns separately and the end results were rarely satisfactory. Luckily, modern bathroom renovations display continuity and there are almost no interruptions between the floor, the walls and the ceiling. The same materials and patterns are used on all three levels and contractors pay more attention to the color combinations. This way, your bathroom becomes simpler, yet much more stylish.

Wood bathroom elements
Wood elements will be highly desirable

Back to the Old School

However, not all trends of the past should be forgotten. One of the most obvious trait of the 20th century bathroom design – an appealing combination of clay and water – is gaining more attention now. And that’s only natural since the very connection of these two elements is exactly that: natural. Instead of zinc, aluminum, steel and other materials, bathroom appliances are made from clay nowadays. And since it’s so easy to shape, clay is probably the best solution for these types of products, especially when combined with the natural flow of water.

Out of the Woods

Another unusual and completely natural material that can be incorporated into modern bathroom renovation process is wood. Although most clients don’t know how wood reacts to large quantities of water, experts have no doubts. There are several ways to introduce wood into your bathroom – whether you want to keep things simple and stick to shelves, cabinets and vanities made from natural wood, or you’re ready to take things to the next level and opt for wooden tiles and flooring. But, if you want to be extra classy, purchase a wooden bathtub – with a clean and neat structure, these pieces are luxurious, elegant and completely eco-friendly.

Sleek bathroom lines
Sleek lines offer contemporary chic

Bring in the Green

You don’t have to keep plants and flowers all around your home, but introducing a piece or two to your bathroom could definitely turn your bathing experience into something special. What many people don’t know is that some types of plants – dracaena, bamboo and ivy are among the most popular ones – actually love humid and hot surroundings that can be found only in bathrooms, which is why this area is just perfect for them. On the other hand, you can decorate your bathroom with living plants and turn your shower into something that resembles a waterfall in the middle of a forest – there’s nothing more natural than that!

Dark Colors – Yes or No?

While numerous people choose warm, light or earthy tones in their bathrooms, this doesn’t suit everyone. Yes, taking a bath in a white tub surrounded by beige walls and light blue accessories might be the closest to Heaven most of us will ever get, but that’s not all there is. Now, people choose dark colors more than ever and you’ll easily find different shades of grey, black, green and even brown in bathrooms all over the world, say Sydney’s pros for bathroom renovations. Using them could be risky and, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to take this trend over the top, but, if combined properly, dark colors will turn your bathroom into the most elegant and soothing room of the house. And that’s what bathrooms are all about, aren’t they?

Other Trends

Some of the other ideas you should keep an eye out for in the months to come are brass fittings, minimalistic designs, geometrical shapes of tiles combined freely and a mixture of various materials – stone, glass and metal all react to water differently, so explore them and create new combinations that the entire family will enjoy.