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7 ways to turn your room into your gypsy dreams

bedroom design
bedroom design

Thinking of redecorating your bedroom? With a handful of styles to choose from, it can be pretty overwhelming. Allow us to make it easy for you. If you want to show both your personality, artistry, and a pinch of your free spirit, you may want to consider dressing up your room that way—a bohemian paradise. Experimenting and reinventing things are what makes this style stand out along with splash of patterns and lots of colors.

bedroom design
bedroom design

It sounds a little too much in writing but seeing it brings a warm atmosphere. Let’s not keep you on the edge, here are ways to incorporate bohemian style into your room:

Let natural light travel in.

Bohemian style bedroom design
Bohemian style bedroom design

Bohemian style heavily reflects nature; it’s something this style wouldn’t be as it is without a touch of its presence. We’d suggest you let the curtains tied to the sides. Let the light travel inside and throughout the space. Plus, it gives the illusion of an airy and bigger space.

Bring in the plants. Given that the style is associated with nature and while you’re at it letting the natural light travel your space, you might as well bring in some greenery.

Houseplants aren’t just there for display, depending on the kind of plant you have, they’re actually of great help in cleaning the air your breathe, deterring illnesses, and believe it or not, beneficial to your productivity.

With regards to plants and bohemian style, they’re a staple. There’s nothing more reflective of your free spirit than that of vines, succulents, and the works. It adds up perfectly to the eclectic room and creates balance with your whimsical taste.

Create a color palette. When creating a color palette, it’s easy to start with a blank page (that is, walls, etc.)—neutral tones—that way you won’t sweat when adding textures, patterns, and colors to the mix. This way you get to emphasize which areas you prefer to stand out without clashing too much colors.

Layer patterns and colors. This is probably one of the liberating elements of this style: have fun playing with patterns and colors. As mentioned earlier though, create and stick with a color palette then creatively layer patterns on the floor up to the bed. This shall create that ambient lived-in and artistic feel.

Introduce art. Bohemians are inclined to art, music, design, and the works. They naturally have a penchant for art. No matter what size your space is, you have more than four walls to accommodate more than a handful of artworks, vinyl records, and more wall décor to accommodate.

Follow your own taste. Albeit you can emboss your own personality onto any other interior design, bohemian style does not strictly limit you from putting another layer of pattern and mix of bold colors because it clashes. You don’t get told by people of their opinions towards your design.

Bohemian style is timeless and versatile. After all, boho is indeed a state of mind, not a trend to keep up with. If you got that free spirit in you, go and showcase it.

Showcase your décor. Got some travel souvenirs from friends and those of your own? Showcase them, place them over a table. One of the beauties of bohemian style is that you get to put up your collections, crafts, and other decorative materials on display.

There are a ton of bohemian styles you can get inspiration from around the web that can help guide you into decorating your own bohemian retreat. Go take a look and share us your thoughts! Visit Wincrest Homes for more modern homes.