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The Gadget That’s Reduce Food Wastage and Save Extra Money

Herb Keeper
Herb Keeper

An estimated $165 billion is lost annually to groceries and food items that end up in the trash can across major cities in the world. $165 billion is a lot of money to lose but imagine how much your household could be contributing to the loss of this ridiculously large amount of money yearly. This line of thought makes it reasonable to imagine how much you and your family could be saving if you put measures in place to curb the excess amount of food wastage and groceries that leave your dining tables and kitchen for the trash can daily.

This means that very soon you may not have to pay for extra groceries and food items which make extra cash available for savings and other important projects that you may have. While better planning and adoption of stringent measures could help you attain control over food wastage, there are new innovations and food preservation gadgets that can go a long way in helping to put a stop to food wastage. I like to call them the best food saver for Home and Commercial use; they help in the storage and preservation of food and in the long run, they save you extra cash. Good examples of gadgets that can help you reduce food wastage are listed below.

food wastage: Food Hugger
Food Hugger

1. The Food Hugger: This is a great gadget to have especially if you have the habit of eating fruits half-way and then throwing them away. All you have to do is pop the half-eaten fruit, avocado or tomato into the hugger and you are guaranteed a long-lasting freshness till you are ready to eat again.

food wastage: Nutri Bullet

2. NutriBullet: This is my personal favorite and I just love how it gives me the alternative of turning my vegetables into smoothies before they get bad and find their way to the bin. With Nutribullet, you will never have to waste your vegetables again, how cool is that!

food wastage: Herb Keeper
Herb Keeper

3. Herb Keeper: Not everyone knows how to preserve herbs, hence they fall under the list of the most wasted food. Herb keeper provides a simple solution to this problem by providing a contraption which helps to keep herbs fresh for weeks.

food wastage: Fridge Thermometer
Fridge Thermometer

4. Fridge Thermometer: Even when the fridge in our home works well, we still manage to have spoiled food week in week out. This irregularity can be attributed to incorrect fridge temperature which is responsible for up to 90% of spoiled food that turn out from our fridge. Fridge thermometer helps you to keep the irregularity in check and also saves you money you could have spent on buying food again.

There are several other gadgets that help you store and preserve food better but the ones listed above are my all time favorites and they should be enough to also help you cut food wastage in your home.

How a food saver benefitted you?

food wastage - Food Saver
Food Saver

Your best food saver may be completely different from mine but we all will have one, especially if you employ strategies to help control food wastage in your home. I eat a lot of vegetables, though I won’t consider myself a vegetarian. So it is only natural that I have a lot of wasted vegetables around my kitchen all the time. Since I started using the Nutribullet food saver option, this unpleasant trend ceased and in a few weeks;

1. My visit to the grocery shop reduced because I always have my vegetables turned to perfect smoothies thanks to my new “Nutribullet” gadget.

2. I saved more money because I buy smaller quantities of vegetables now.

3. I get to also enjoy cool smoothies all the time.