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Effective Yet Wallet-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen upgrades
Kitchen upgrades don't have to be expensive

Cooking becomes a piece of cake when you do it in the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of. Just like the rest of your house, the kitchen needs to be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing in order to make you feel welcome. Unfortunately, renovating can really break the bank, but there are several upgrades you can make even when on a tight budget.

Switch to open shelving

Switching your standard upper cabinets for open shelves will give your kitchen that rustic yet contemporary look but buying new shelves can cost a lot. Instead, you can simply remove the doors on your cabinets, et voilà – you’ve got yourself a whole new kitchen. Put up your favourite dishes on display and don’t forget to dust off regularly – open shelving might be tricky to keep clean but it surely is worth an effort.

Kitchen lighting
Proper kitchen lighting makes this space more functional

Make a change in lighting

A kitchen has to be properly lit in order for it to be functional and comfortable. What’s even better – changing your lighting won’t cost too much. Think of a combination of task-oriented and ambient lighting for best results. For example, sconces make a lovely addition to open shelving while pendant lights above your countertop island will make it a focal point of the room and inspire you to improve your cooking skills. Opt for warm, golden tones to keep the atmosphere friendly and use LED lamps wherever possible since they’re far more durable than standard ones.

Accessorize with small appliances

Painting your cupboards orange or purchasing a cobalt blue refrigerator might be too extreme, but freshening up your kitchen with small yet effective appliances is a good way to update it on a budget. Buy a boldly-coloured toaster, mixer, or coffee machine and display them around. They will serve as jewellery and bring a pop of colour to your kitchen to make it more interesting.

Upgrade your floor

You can upgrade your old hardwood floor by simply repainting it or, even better – by placing a rug over it. A trendy rug can cover any damaged spots on the floor and improve an appearance of your kitchen. When choosing the right kitchen rug, make sure it matches the rest of your interior and that it has a non-slipping backing to maximize safety. Cleaning it is also a major question: go for natural fibres such as sisal and bamboo since they’re easily hand-washed or opt for a flatweave cotton rug that can be machine washed.

small kitchen appliances
Adding small kitchen appliances is always a good idea

Add a water filter

A water filter is not just an upgrade for your kitchen décor but also for your health since it will purify your tap water and make sure its quality is the best it can be. This can really pay off, especially in the long run since you can find an affordable water filter with cartridges and have it installed in your kitchen. You’ll no longer have to buy bottled water either, so that’s another money-saving consequence of upgrading your kitchen with a quality water filter.

Go for a look-alike

It’s no wonder that natural stones have been trending in kitchen interior design for the past few years – granite or marble countertops look so stylish and, what’s even more important – they’re easy to maintain and durable. But, the sad truth is – they can be quite expensive. Luckily, affordable look-alikes are also fine, so you can opt for granite, marble, or quartz countertops made of laminate and make your kitchen trendy without breaking the bank. There are so many good copies out there that only a true expert will be able to tell the difference.

Now that we got you inspired to get onto your next kitchen project, you just have to go ahead and have some fun. As you can see, being on a tight budget can’t stop you from getting the kitchen of your dreams, so just go for it!