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Tips on Creating a Feng Shui Bathroom

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If you are moving to a new place or redecorating your old one, you have a chance to customize it to your own desires. If you always wanted to add a bit of that romantic or feng shui to your bathroom, now it would be time to do so. Listed below are some of the best tips you can get on how to perfectly feng shui your bathroom without much effort. Nourish your spirit and body, as well as your mind in your new bathroom.

Feng Shui - water flowThe water element

In feng shui, water represents life and prosperity. Your bathroom is a place where you go to take a shower, wash your hands or face, and by touching the water, your body refreshes, rejuvenates and heals. Water is known to restore one’s spirit. But what if you could add a fountain inside your bathroom? An indoor water fountain doesn’t have to be huge, but as long as water is circulating, it will spread the energy in your home and you will feel motivated. Make the most usage of the water inside your bathroom and let it restore you to your younger age, fill you with joy and rejuvenate your spirit.


Believe it or not, but mirrors are used in feng shui to reflect the energy and make it multiply. In case of a bathroom, placing a large mirror will reflect all the energy created within the bathroom, including the bad one. This is where you should pay attention, for you don’t want negative energy circulating around. Make sure that you don’t see yourself fully while sitting on the toilet (a toilet represents negative energy in feng shui). Place the mirror so that it captures only your upper half of the body.

Feng shui cleaning ballsMake sure your bathroom is clean

To feel long-lasting results of feng shui in your bathroom, keep the spa effect running. Add candles and rose petals over your, as well as soothing artwork to rest your eyes. Include some scents from distant countries and relax your body and soul while rejuvenating your spirit and body energy. Keep your bathroom clean and your bathtub sparkling; it is the essence of feng shui and positive energy flow.

Lighting and air flow

Installing additional lights in your bathroom will boost the feng shui vibe. Depending on your budget, you can add night lights over your freestanding bath and let them stay on 24 h a day. To preserve the energy, use LED lights with small energy consumption. Also, if you have installed a fountain over or near the sink, make sure it is on and add a few lights to it. The energy flow will absorb the energy from the lights and amplify its power, creating an even stronger energy circulation. Make sure your bathroom has enough fresh air and that the flow is constant to keep that energy circling throughout the rest of your house.

Good health and prosperous life

Having a feng shui bathroom will definitely inspire you, change your life and bring prosperity into your life. It will cleanse your aura from all the negative energy surrounding it and rejuvenate your spirit, body and soul. You and your family will bask in the positive energy, have strong and healthy bodies, and your life will never be the same.

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Peaceful and quiet, a feng shui bathroom is a spa at home. Live a stress free life, surrounded with positive energy. Purify your aura with scented candles and their peaceful aroma filling the air, and embrace the future prosperity and growth while preparing for the new beginning.