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Walls Less Ordinary: Faux Paint Finishes

faux paint
Achiechiving out-of-the ordinary with faux paint

Every now and then your walls will require some attention. The paint might start to peel off, the wallpapers get outdated or tear, or you just can’t stand the existing color of your rooms. Well, there is always a solution; you can simply repaint the whole house. Or you can try out something different and change the vibe of your home with faux paint finishes. They will transform any wall and give it a smooth elegant look, while resembling old-fashioned plaster for example.

Artisan Finish

Artisan finish is an older European style for wall coverings and it can give the impression of stone or marble. It can be used both on drywall and wood and it comes in various shades and hues. What makes it unusual and interesting is that some of the hues seem to change depending on light intensity. The styles of this finish range from decorative to rustic and natural ones, which makes it perfect for creating an accent wall above the fireplace in your living room.

Faux paint fisnishes
Faux paint fisnishes will give your home a truly artisan look

Venetian Plaster

This is another older European style and it used to be pretty time-consuming. However, today we have a new version of Venetian plaster that is easier to apply and it mimics the looks of polished marble or stucco. Also, it has a multidimensional look because of the textured, slightly raised surface, which is the result of several layers. You can easily apply this finish with a putty knife; just make sure any cracks and holes are fixed in order to avoid any complications.

Textured Coatings

If you wish to visually expand your room, you should consider adding texture. This alternative to ordinary paint is quite practical, since it can be used to fix up smaller holes on concrete walls, while it provides a new coat of color and protection. Texture coatings paint can be found in many shades and hues; it will give the room personality and depth; and it will protect your walls from mold and fungal growth.

Textured coatings
Textured coatings come in many shades

Metallic Plaster

Metallic plaster is usually thicker and it should be applied with a trowel instead of a roller. It is a blend of pearlescent and glass spheres which give it deep, rich color that shines. This plaster gives you more options to choose from since it comes in a wide range of colors. Also, it will create shimmering effects and add a deep gleam to your room. What is more, since it is water-based, it is extremely easy to clean up after application.

Metallic Paint

This type of paint used to be hazardous and it was only used for car finishes. However, today it is water-based and it is completely safe for home use. It is a glamorous alternative to old-school paints, because it creates a shimmering look and different vibe inside the room. As soon as the light hits the wall, it will start to sparkle and make you feel like you’re in a dream.

Metallic finish
Metallic finishes will add sparkle to your walls

Sandstone Finish

If you adore matte surfaces and colors, then this paint alternative should be part of your next project. The sandy texture of this paint gives a granular appearance since it is slightly raised and gritty to the touch. What is more, it is easy to apply and all you need is a roller just like with traditional painting. A sandstone finish is available in many different colors and you just need to find the one that fits your design and personality, and you can enjoy the gritty touch and mesmerizing look of your walls.

A few buckets of ordinary paint are just not fun anymore. There are so many different ways to decorate your walls and you should try some of the faux paint finishes. Whether you like metallic shine or matte granular surfaces, there are options for everyone. However, make sure to follow the overall interior design of your home so the place doesn’t look tacky. For sure, these alternatives will make you feel satisfied with your fresh new walls.