Home Kitchen Is it idiocy to install marble kitchen worktops? Why not?

Is it idiocy to install marble kitchen worktops? Why not?

Marble Kitchen Worktops
Marble Kitchen Worktops

Planning to give your old-school kitchen a complete makeover without any money can be called the highest level of stupidity but not installing marble kitchen worktops. In the past, people were not that much concerned about look or appearance of their kitchens. Attached a slab in the wall and there you go, you have a worktop and a countertop in one. But, from the recent years, people have started giving attention to their lifestyle which connects their home. As the kitchen is the central hub of any home, that makes it a deserving candidate for a makeover.

Marble Kitchen Worktops
Marble Kitchen Worktops

From an array of materials in the market, marble has managed to achieve a good reputation but its efficacy is often a topic of debate and confusion. Many people talk about different worktop materials, but today we are going to throw some light on benefits of installing marble worktops in your kitchen:

Are Not Heavy on Your Pockets

Calacatta Oro Marble Kitchen Worktops
Calacatta Oro Marble Kitchen Worktops

As it has and still gaining popularity in the market, manufacturers have started selling marbles in different price ranges to suit maximum budgets. But, if you are thinking of using marble worktop in next month after checking the price now, you are mistaken, mister! Due to its sensitive price in global markets, it can easily fluctuate depending on demand. Marble categories like Calacatta Oro, Thassos and Statuary have higher price tags attached as they possess immense beauty and attraction. Whereas, marbles like Carrara never dig a hole in your pockets and commands lowest prices.

Superb Performance Givers

Many of us would not have any idea how marble is formed or from which it is made of. Well, let’s break the ice! Basically, it is created from limestone, a strong, porous rock. Now, as marble itself is a porous stone, with limestone it becomes resilient, more than granite. This porosity of marble offers it a special quality – poor conducting of heat. Being one of the unique strengths of marble, it lets you work without any tension as it keeps itself cooler by 4 degrees than the room temperature.

Gives Amazing Look and Feel

Kitchen work surfaces go through a lot due to which they worn out. To retain the beauty of your kitchen, you can make a serious consideration regarding marble as it comes in the list of most beautiful stones that are accessible. The insolence of granite cannot compete with elegance embedded in marble. It never goes out of fashion, which anyone with a passion for fashion can easily tell.

Never Feels Hot

As stated above, marble is a poor conductor of heat that explains it’s cool nature. There will not a surprising or special reaction to this point as it is quite normal but definitely, it is a thing to consider. In summers, it becomes really hard to work on worktops made from stainless steel or other materials, the marble will keep you protected.

Diverse Colors and Pattern to Choose From

Decorating your kitchen, where you’re, as a hostess, spends most of your time while cooking or preparing food, can be sometimes overwhelming. But with marble worktops, it becomes a lot easier as there is an array of materials present in the market to choose from. As per your taste and style, you can choose a particular pattern and color of marble to make your kitchen look elegant. Unlike other stones, marble is unbelievably easy to fabricate in shapes that you ever thought of.

Marble kitchen worktops are no doubt, one-stop solution to fulfil the needs of most of you. No stone is better than a shiny, cool marble for your kitchen worktop. So, if you have planned and decided to re-design your kitchen, opt for marble stone and grab oodles of compliments from your guests.