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How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly?

Eco-Friendly Office
Eco-Friendly Office

Green office redecoration makes a lot of business sense these days. The main benefit is cutting down the overheads, but there is also the less obvious advantage of attracting ecologically-aware customers and getting new partners through sustainable procurement. Going green could mean more sales. Still, even if you don’t need any persuading, you may be at a loss how exactly you can make your office more eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Office
Eco-Friendly Office

Here is how:

Recycle and upcycle

Think before you buy furniture and appliances for the office. Consider buying used furniture or furniture that uses materials coming from sustainable sources. You can also upcycle and repurpose objects.

Choose energy-labelled products

If you are furnishing a new office, you have a great opportunity to choose appliances with high energy ratings. These ratings indicate how efficient appliances are in saving energy relative to their size. If your office is already fully equipped, you can replace the appliances with those more energy-efficient when the time comes. In the meantime, there is a host of other methods you can tap to make your office more eco-friendly.

Have an energy audit

An energy audit is a detailed analysis of a property aimed at identifying areas with energy-saving potential. They are done by specialized companies. An energy audit can be extremely insightful. You may think you know which areas of your office space are least energy-efficient, but it’s highly likely there are areas that you would never think of. Air leaks, for example, are not so conspicuous, but they can make up for 20% of the overall energy loss.


LEDs have a much longer lifespan than the regular incandescent bulbs, during which they consume less energy. However, they do cost more upfront, but the investment has a good return when you take into account how long they will last you. According to the Telegraph, a set of LEDs could save you £240 a year.

Install solar outdoor lighting

Commercial outdoor lighting includes signage, pathway lighting and parking lot lighting. These fixtures are on from dusk till dawn, as it were, and they drain more power than indoor lighting. Just imagine how much you could save with solar outdoor lighting. Similar to LEDs, the scope of savings really hits home when you consider the fact that solar-powered outdoor fixtures are more durable and resilient.

Sign up for green power

You can buy green power from your electricity supplier. Although it is more expensive than regular electricity, it’s one of the biggest steps you could make in the eco-friendly direction.

Switch to green web hosting

Seems we cannot live nor work without the Internet. You may be surprised, but a number of web hosting companies have taken part in the sweeping initiative to reduce carbon footprint and now you can get green web hosting for your company’s website. Providers of green web hosting use various ways to be green, such as green energy or carbon offset credits.

Use PCW-labelled products

PCW stands for post-consumer waste. Products labelled PCW were made from recycled paper and materials. The bigger the percentage of PCW materials in a product, the lesser the amount of energy used or waste produced in the manufacturing process.