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Three creative ways to use glass paint in your kitchen

kitchen glass paint
kitchen glass paint

If you do a Google search on “glass paint,” you’ll find plenty of websites that show you how to apply decorative paint to wine glasses. If you have bigger plans for using glass in your kitchen, you’ll definitely want to consider projects that use Glassprimer glass paint.

kitchen glass paint
kitchen glass paint

Here are three great ways to completely update the look and feel of your kitchen without undertaking a full remodel or breaking the bank.

Backpaint your backsplash.  If you spend any amount of time cooking in your kitchen, your kitchen walls take a beating.  Cooking, food preparation and cleanup all deposit dirt, grease and food spills on the walls closest to your countertops and stoves.  Repeated washings can dull a painted finish.  Worse, some cleaners can actually damage both latex- and water-based paints. Because wall paints are porous, grease and food spatters can also permanently stain paint.

backsplash backpaint
backsplash backpaint

One way to eliminate literally all of these problems is to apply a piece of backpainted glass to the walls around your stove and countertops.  Backpainted glass is easy to make, easy to install and easy to clean. Unlike ordinary wall paint, backpainted glass will last indefinitely, and it’s exceptionally easy to care for.

Although you only need a thin sheet of glass, you can use a sheet of any thickness. Keep in mind that the thicker your glass, the more it will weigh. For backsplashes around countertops or sinks, you can use ordinary float glass. You can cut float glass to any dimensions. If you’re not confident in your ability to cut glass, a local glass shop can easily help you measure and cut your glass precisely.

If you intend to use glass around the stove, consider using tempered glass. Tempered glass is specially designed to resist heat-related breakage and impact damage.  Unfortunately, glass can’t be cut once it’s been tempered. Consult with your local glass shop regarding your tempered glass options if you want to install heat-resistant glass near your stove.

Laminate your cabinet fronts with glass. Backpainted glass creates an exceptional Art Deco visual when you laminate it to cabinet fronts.  Cut thin sheets of glass to fit existing door and drawer fronts, and paint them in literally any color you want. Frame the glass using a lightweight metal or plastic frame. Alternately, you can polish the edges of the glass to eliminate any potentially sharp edges.  Neutral-cure silicone adhesive is strong enough to secure the glass laminate to the cabinet fronts, and as long as you use thin glass, the existing cabinet hardware should be sturdy enough to hold the extra weight.

Using glass as a laminate on your cabinets is an excellent way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen.  You can complete a project like this in a weekend, and it requires no special skills or tools. It’s also far more economical than replacing cabinet fronts that are surface-worn, but still structurally sound.

Update a tabletop.  The kitchen table is one of the most used items in any household. When it’s not being used for meals, the table is fair game for projects, homework or temporary office space. It has to stand up to heat, cold, spills and impacts. Normal wear and tear for a kitchen table includes scratches and stains, and the finish can crack or peel.

These little insults can make a table look tired and worn long before its time. One great way to protect a table is to add a backpainted glass cover to the tabletop. The backpainted glass can disguise surface defects, and give a wooden table a whole new look.

Use tempered glass on the table surface to help it resist heat and impacts.  Tempered glass is also thicker, and the extra weight will prevent the glass top from sliding on the table surface.  Iron gives glass a greenish cast. This can be really apparent with a thicker piece of glass. Using low-iron glass can virtually eliminate the greenish cast and improve the appearance of thicker glass.

These are only a few of the many ways in which you can use glass paint in your kitchen.