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How to Fix Blocked Drains in Effortless Ways?

blocked drain
blocked drain

Blocked drains can be disastrous, especially when you are in hurry or it’s an odd hour of the night, when it is difficult to hire a plumber. The warning signs are quite easy to see. Sometimes, the water in the sink installed in the kitchen or the bathtub in the bathroom takes a bit longer to drain entirely.

The formation of water pool around your feet, when taking a shower is also a major sign that should not be missed. The most horrible thing is the odour, the weird, irritating and foul odour. These all are the indications of a clogged drain. If you do not want to face this horrible mess, it’s better for you to know about the effortless ways to fix the Blocked Drains.

blocked drain
blocked drain

Tips for Fixing Blocked Drains Easily

#1 Using the Bent and Wire Hanger to Treat Blocked Drains:

This is one of the easiest ways to deal with the blocked drains. You can take a normal coat hanger with wire and need to straighten it as much as possible. Then you need to create a small hook by bending one end over. Try to fish everything from the drain after inserting it within and keep doing it until all the messy stuff inside the drain has been taken out. When you are done, it is better to use hot water as it clears up everything in a wonderful way. Be careful not to shove things further inside the drain.

#2 Using Baking Soda and Vinegar to Clear Blocked Drains:

Nothing can be better, if you can treat the blocked drains, just by using homemade remedies, such as, the baking soda and the vinegar. To make it first you must mix 1/3rd cup of baking soda with the 1/3rd cup of vinegar in a proper measuring cup. The moment it will fizz, pour it down the blocked drain. The reaction is supposed to help in removing the messy parts, like hair, dirt particles, etc. Let it be there for sometimes, like for one night and then flush the entire thing with hot water. This is one of the easiest remedies, especially in the homemade style.

#3 Seeking Help from The Boiling Water:

Of all things, boiling water is the best thing to remove the blockage from the water pipe. You can boil the water in a kettle. Once it is done, pour it down the drain in a couple of stages. Take at least a gap of 20 seconds in between and within few minutes the blockage issue will get fixed.

blocked drain fix
blocked drain fix

#4 Seeking Help from The Dish Detergent:

Dish detergent is again something, which can be used in an effortless way to clear a clogged drain. Pour approximately ¼ cup of the detergent in a clean bowl. After that, boil some water and add to the bowl containing the detergent. The soap will act as a form of lubricant and will clear the greasy and oily residue from the pipe. While pouring it down the pipe, simultaneously start plunging. When the plunger stops working, use the rubber gloves or something like that.

#5 With the Help of The Caustic Soda:

Since this one can cause some serious chemical burns to the body, so you should be careful while seeking help from caustic soda. It is better if you can use rubber gloves along with a certain kind of eye protection. You can get it from the local hardware shop. Take a bucket and pour 3 to 4 gallons of water into it. Therefore, add almost three cups of caustic soda in it. Take a wooden spoon and stir the mixture well. When it begins to fizz, pour it down to the Blocked Drains and leave it.