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How To Go Green When Moving Your Home

Go Green moving Home

Are you planning to move into a new home? It’s a complicated and tiresome task that requires a lot of things to have in mind. It requires a lot of planning, deciding and hard work in order to get it done properly. You will be thinking about how to label things, where and how to pack them, what stuff you no longer need, and the like. In the midst of all that work, is there place for making decisions that concern your environment? There should be. It might seem so, but it’s not actually all that difficult. Here is how to go green when moving your home.

Go Green moving Home
Go Green moving Home

Recycle as much as you can

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking of recycling is cardboard boxes and plastic bottles. But the fact is that a lot of items in your household can be recycled as well. While some of them can’t be thrown into a recycle bin, they can be taken to a center that can deal with them.

You can start from batteries. They consist out of hazardous substances such as sulphuric acid and lead, so it’s the best idea to take them to a post office, a local library, or any other place that has a recycling center for them. Your old household appliances also contain toxic substances, and can be taken to a local shop that deals with them. The same goes for any kind of electronics that you have – take them to a local resource recovery center. They might also accept the open paint cans that you have lying around.

Get help from an eco-friendly moving company

When it comes to being friendly to the environment, moving companies have been thinking about it too. Many moving businesses have incorporated eco-friendly methods and products, such as recycled boxes, low-emission trucks and LED cargo areas. All of these things are bound to make your move more energy-efficient. In the case that the company doesn’t usually make use of eco-friendly methods, you can ask them to do so for you. If they are a reliable company that pays a lot of attention to its clients, they might actually be willing to do so.

Make use of already used moving supplies

The boxes that you use for your move can also be a green choice. Listen to the advice from packing boxes Sydney specialists and find a place where you can get old boxes that you can reuse. You can even place an ad online to look for people who can provide you with them for a cheap price. Once you have moved to your new home, you should take them to a recycling plant. Alternatives to this solution are renting moving boxes or buying wooden or plastic crates. Bubble wrap is a great thing for packing, but since it degrades quite slow and affects the environment, you might want to consider using towels and newspapers.

Donate instead of throwing away

When moving, you have the perfect opportunity to get rid of items that you are no longer going to use, such as old clothes, books, furniture, and the like. If you simply throw them out as trash, you will only be filling up the landfills. It is a very common practice for people to throw out unwanted furniture, and it’s not good for the environment. So, instead of doing so, find a local charity organization that you can donate these items to. A lot of these organizations will be willing to come to your home and get the larger items.

As you can see from this article, making your move eco-friendly isn’t such a hard thing to do after all. You can put a little thought into how you pack. Also, there are recycling centers around that you can make use of and organizations that you can donate to. Furthermore, you can hire an eco-friendly company to help you out with your move. And it doesn’t have to end there. When you move, you can turn a new page and start living eco-friendly as well. You can start to think about your purchases, so that you don’t buy the things that you don’t really need. This way, your next move will be a lot easier.