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How to properly maintain and keep your garden clean

Edible Garden
Edible Garden

Your garden is your responsibility

Whether deciding to plant a flower, herb, or vegetable garden, the maintenance can be quite a labor intensive.  Weeding, fertilizing, pest control, and watering the garden are all essential in keeping it healthy and free from disease and plant-eating pests.

Garden Maintenance
Garden Maintenance

There are many types of people- and animal-friendly products to use in order to eliminate insects and unwanted weeds. These can be found in most of the home improvement stores or in larger discount department stores.

Read the labels carefully for specific usage and precautions. Using the right products is essential to ridding the garden of everything except the plants or flowers the gardener is trying to protect. Organic fertilizers are available as well. The ingredients are usually all natural and will not harm the plant or foliage. There is also a large selection of great gardening tools to help maintain your garden.

If you are one of those avid gardeners who love to get your hands dirty than certainly, the need for any type of weed killer is unnecessary. Watch for pests as you weed, and use the organic sprays that do not harm the plant itself.

Another alternative to the do-it-yourself approach is to hire a professional lawn and garden maintenance company. By using professional services, the responsibility is no longer an issue. However, this may not be cost effective and could reduce the personal pride and pleasure that comes from doing all the work.

Garden Landscaping
Garden Landscaping

Keep it natural

Many garden landscaping services will suggest the best options for the type of soil, the location, and the layout of the area to be planted and maintained. Services such as these will suggest a scheduled program for the maintenance and upkeep of the landscaped area. However, they do not offer maintenance services for vegetable or herb gardens.

To keep a flower garden beautiful, use potting soil that has a fertilizer added. There are several brands to choose from, but by using one that has a natural fertilizer, you avoid the harmful chemicals that would otherwise be a part of the mix.

Choosing just the right plants can be a bit confusing unless you have done quite a bit of research before making your choices. Decide whether to plant annuals or perennials or a combination of both.

Annuals die off every year and will need to be replaced the next spring. All the work that has been put into a garden will go for naught by choosing this option, so be sure that you are ready to replant everything in the spring.

Perennials will come back year after year and will not require doing all of the plantings all over again.

Perennials usually return in the spring from the root of the original plant. So, when the plant dies in the fall, do not be alarmed. In the spring, the plant will re-surface and become the beautiful flower it was the year before. There are many perennials to choose from, so visit the local nurseries and flower centers to choose just the right ones.

Edible Garden
Edible Garden

The Veggies

When planting a vegetable garden, it is always best to start with the plant itself rather than with seeds. Seeds need to be planted in small seed pots then transferred to the garden when they are large enough to be able to be transplanted.

Generally, there will be a lot of the seeds that will not germinate. It will take much longer to grow a healthy, viable plant from a seed. The best option is to buy young plants. Choose the healthiest ones available. Plant them far enough apart to allow growing room, and fertilize them as needed.

Weeding and pest control will be necessary in order for vegetables to grow and thrive. Be sure to choose environmentally friendly products to maintain the garden whilst also protecting the environment.

A herb garden combines the fragrance of a flower garden with the usefulness of a vegetable garden. There are quite a few herbs that are also helpful in repelling bugs and insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, flies, bees, and gnats. A little research can provide which herb can affect which pest.

Regardless of the type of project undertaken, preparation and planning are essential to the start of a healthy garden. Devoting time and attention to the undertaking can be both satisfying and rewarding.