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Optimize Your Small Office with Smart Design

Best Small office design ideas
Best Small office design ideas

Although we would all like a spacious office, the fact is that most of us will end up in a small one. But don’t worry – with good design, you can create a nice working environment, with all the necessities, and even a free space, making your everyday work a pleasant experience, not a struggle.

The Beginning

Small office design ideas
Small office design ideas

Every new beginning is difficult. Before you do anything, you need to empty your office of as many items as possible. That way you can start from the scratch and maximally optimize space usage in your working environment. You don’t want to end up in a situation where the days work needs to be completed and your office feels cramped and overcrowded.

Watch What Others Do

Observing other people’s solutions and ideas can inspire you to create better solutions or implement theirs. Don’t hesitate to copy something good, something that is going to suit your space. Taking somebody else’s ideas and combining them with something of your own, into a brand new design, is a welcome approach.


Bad light can ruin even the best creations. Explore what would look good in your space, and make it as multifunctional as you can. Create different light schemes, discrete for your computer work, bright office work and reading but also multipurpose. If you are not sure, read around, visit lighting stores, and choose those that will provide the best visual and functional effect.

Be Adventurous

Best Small office design ideas
Best Small office design ideas

Don’t go with neutrals. Show your character. Don’t make everything small – the fact that your working space is small doesn’t mean that all of your furniture and equipment needs to be tiny. For example, why not get a sit to stand desk which typically has a smaller footprint than traditional desks and gives you new options for working in your office.

Use colors, some intensive ones that will give positive energy to your office. Red, bright green or blue, or even orange – it is up to you. It will raise the office atmosphere and make you more productive.

Emphasize the interesting details. Accentuate them with light and color; make them focal points of your space. Be careful with the involvement of patterns, though. It’s better to go with something more subtle; you don’t want your chair to look huge in an already tiny space.

Use Vertical Space

A very important aspect of every small space, whether it is a room or an office, is optimal use of vertical wall space. That doesn’t mean you have to cover all your walls with shelves and storage cabinets, but part of them should be cleverly used to allow for storage.

Other considerations include whiteboards or blackboards (see here) which can provide a welcome space to for diagrams, notes and presentations.

The Cable Problem

They look terrible even in the most organized office space, in a compact office space however they often resemble a spiders nest. There are strategies managing your cable problem, most of them involve cord covers and channels. Consider going wireless, loose the cables!


In a small office, clutter is inevitable, but it can be controlled. Remove all the unnecessary stuff from your desk, shelves, and other the visible places. Put small objects in drawers or boxes, and keep the surfaces clutter-free as much as you can. If something is not in a daily necessity, it shouldn’t be out in the open.