Home Interior Smart ways to keep the heat in

Smart ways to keep the heat in

warm house
Keeping your house warm

November and December are reportedly the most popular month for turning your heating back on after the summer months. So, if you’ve followed Oxford and Belfast and have your heating cranked up to keep you toasty warm in the mornings and evenings, you probably want to be certain you’re heating your home and not the outside air.

“When you start to feel cold, the easiest thing to do can be to reach for the heating and hit the on button,” said Wimbledon estate agent Robert Holmes. “But, there are a few tips to help you stay warmer for longer without turning up your thermostat!”

floor coverings
Using floor coverings helps

Draught-proof your home

Checking where draughts might be entering your home and seeping away the heat is a great way to keep your home warmer and ensure all the heat stays inside. And that’s important whether you’ve switched the heating in or not.

The main places to check are windows, doors and your roof. Well-fitting doors and windows are essential for a variety reasons and keeping in the heat is one of them. If replacing them isn’t an option, then buying some good quality draught excluders is the way to go.

The roof might be more of an expert’s job. But, if you have an idea of what to look for, it can be worthwhile taking a look around up their yourself, before deciding you need a second opinion on how to keep your roof better insulated.

“Blocking off any draughts is an excellent way to keep the cold out and heat in,” said Belgravia estate agent Best Gapp. “Quite often it can make a bigger difference than you expect, the how warm your home is and you heating bills, too.”

bed heating
Heating your bed before you get in it is always a good idea

Quick tips

A few other, quicker tips for keeping your home warmer this winter include:

  • Closing your curtains or investing in insulating curtains.

This helps to keep the heat in your home, rather than finding any cracks around your window frames.

  • Heating your bed before you get in it.

Rather than heating the whole room before bedtime, try just heating the bed itself, its quicker and cheaper.

  • Wearing an extra layer of clothes before reaching for the heating switch.

Warming yourself up is another quicker and more cost-effective way of keeping in the heat.

  • Using rugs on the floor – and on the walls!

They add a useful layer of insulation and when they’re on the floor help to keep your feet warm, too!

  • Keeping throw blankets around to snuggle up into during an evening in front of the TV.

Cosy blankets are always welcome as a decorative accessory and one to keep you warm!

“Keeping the heat in your home rather than allowing it to escape is a sensible option for all households,” they advise at Proskips. “Not only does it help to keep your heating bills a little lower, some of the tips can help your home look great and feel cosier and more welcoming during the colder months.”