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Importance of Metal Roof Installation in Helping the Environment


Nowadays, consumers are quite educated in regards to sustainable living. Most of the homebuyers and owners are currently checking on eco-friendly living when it comes to the new home purchase or renovating their old place. For matching public outcry for recyclability, conservation and sustainability, constructional companies are looking for some good substitutes adhering to some of the rigorous eco-friendly standards and even sustainable living. Among multiple green home services, metal roofing seems to be taking the top position.

Why head for metal roofing:

Some people are rather sceptical when it comes to metal roofing. They find it hard to believe that such roofing can actually be friendly for the environment. To help you understand about it a bit more, you have to get through its basic features first.

  • It is not hard to state that metal roofing is made primarily out of 95% recycled materials. So, harming the environment for the raw materials is not in question.
  • It provides minimal carbon footprint, which isn’t what you get in traditional shingles. The resin-based finishes on top help to reflect radiant heat, which in turn saves around 20% of energy cost.
  • Furthermore, it helps in reducing the attic temperature by around 34%. On the other hand, a lower cooling load can also extend the working ability of AC.
  • It can integrate well with photovoltaic solar collection items. As the metal roofs are light in weight, so these can be placed on top of existing ones. It further eliminates any need for the landfill disposal.
  • The products are proven to have a longer life shelf. Moreover, the lower weight roof can always extend the life of the building and it comes with actually zero out-gassing. It further comprises of lower embodied energy.

A rise of metal roofing:

Metal roofs are primarily made out of multiple materials. Some of the major ones over here are copper, aluminium, tin and even galvanized steel. These roofs are known to withstand some of the harsh weather condition. Whether it is hailstorms or snow, heavy rainstorms or any other serious weather condition, these roofs are designed to provide homeowners with utmost safety.

Additionally, these roofs are further stated to be impervious to some of the troublesome pests and unwanted weather conditions. These are fire-resistant in nature and noted to be environmentally friendly. It helps you to save a lot on your energy bills along with high recyclability and even unmatched longevity.

Checking on its longevity:

Metal roofs can definitely outperform some of the other roofing materials in terms of durability and longer lifespan. Recent studies have indicated that the general lifespan of metal roofing is around 2 to 3 times longer when compared to asphalt shingles. Furthermore, these roofs are malleable and can be easily shaped without cracking or breaking the parts. The average working life of such metallic roofing is around 60 years, where else, the asphalt shingles won’t be last more than 23 years. The metal roofing is well combined with minimal upkeep. So that means the homeowners don’t have to spend a hefty amount of money on maintaining the capabilities of a metal roof. It just takes little basic maintenance for a longer time.

It comes with little harmful emission:

You can actually get to reduce pollution and smog by installing metal roofs. You must be wondering how. Well, let’s get into the answer then. Metal is known to a perfect reflector of the solar radiation, which prevents less heat entering your home. As your HVAC units have to deal with the little amount of heat, so you need less energy for creating a comfortable environment. It gives rise to reduced energy use,    resulting in better energy saving and reduced carbon footprint.

On the other hand, you have aluminium, copper and zinc made metal roofs too, which are generally known for their superb working life. There are uncoated and coated zinc and copper roofs available, which show little damage from elements with passing time. That helps in maintaining the attractive look of the surface for long. So, for decades now, you are free from replacing your old roof with a new one.

As going green won’t slow down that easily, so the trend of using metal roofing is here to stay!