Home Interior Deal with noisy neighbors by soundproofing your house

Deal with noisy neighbors by soundproofing your house

Deal with noisy neighbors by soundproofing your house
Deal with noisy neighbors by soundproofing your house

Are you dealing with a daily frustration of noise made by your neighbors? Then you are not alone. We live in a time where properties and apartments are built in every inch found, especially in the city. Our apartments are so close to each other that we can literally hear our apartment neighbors snoring. If you are tired of these noises, just like I was, then you have landed in the perfect place. Today we will be talking about soundproofing your room and home on a budget.

Deal with noisy neighbors by soundproofing your house
Deal with noisy neighbors by soundproofing your house

Before we begin, you might have a few questions in mind. And to answer those we have compiled a list of most common soundproofing questions.

Is soundproofing expensive?

To be honest it depends on yourself. If you want a complete noise-free studio-type soundproofing then you definitely need to spend some good money. However, today our main focus is soundproofing on a budget. So you don’t need to break your piggy bank for it.

Do I need professional help?

To put it shortly, no you do not need professional help. However, if you are seeking perfection and have the budget for it then you can go for it.

Can I do it all alone?

Our advice would be to take help from a friend. As it will make your whole soundproofing journey a lot easier.

Now let’s dissect into soundproofing:

  1. Egg Cartons:
Egg Cartons sound proofing
Egg Cartons sound proofing

The easiest way to soundproof your room or home is to use egg cartons. Whilst this might not be the most appealing method but this works surprisingly well. Whilst it may not work as perfectly as a soundproof foam but the shape of the carton distorts sound and reduces it.

  1. Move Your Furniture Around:

Another easy and cost-free way of sound deadening your house is my moving around your furniture. If your apartment walls are shared with your next door neighbor then you would want to have some sort of furniture on the adjacent wall. A bookshelf or a cabinet will work best. Or even your old grandfather clock can do the trick. The furniture on the wall will create an additional barrier between your apartment and your neighbors. This will highly reduce the sound coming through.

  1. Buy more furniture:

If you have recently moved into a new house then the likelihood of neighbors noise entering your house is high. As you might have a low number of furniture around your house the sound waves don’t have enough of a barrier and directly enters your ears. If you have more furniture the sound waves will bounce off of the furniture and disperse the sound making it lower than before. So, do consider getting more furniture.

4.Acoustic Foams:

If you are looking for some serious sound deadening material then acoustic foams should be on the top of your list. Acoustic foams are great if you want to reduce the decibel noise coming from your neighbors and want to reduce the sound going out as well. The foams will absorb sound and reduce the overall noise in our room. Not only is it great to reduce neighbors noise, but, if you like to be loud yourself then getting these will reduce the noise going out of your house as well. The foams are quite cheap and you can pick them up easily online.

  1. Last options:

If you have tried all the options then you are left with two remaining option as a last resort. One of them is, go to your neighbor and explain that you are being bothered with their noise. Hopefully, they can be a bit quiet from next time and will help you a ton. Not only is this a great but it is completely free of cost. And lastly, what you can try is noise-canceling headphones. If you are studying for a test and don’t want to be bothered by any noise. Then get a noise-canceling headphone and wear it once you are studying.