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Swimming Paradise: 7 Amazing Backyard Pool Ideas


There is nothing better than jumping into a swimming pool on a hot summer day, soaking up the sun while enjoying the cool, clear water. Actually, there is one thing better – doing all that in the comfort of your own backyard! Since summer is here, it is about time to take inspiration from these amazing backyard pool ideas and create a perfect spa-inspired spot to cool down.

Update the old and boring rectangular pool

Spice things up a bit and give your old boring pool a makeover. Update the pool with a carefully selected mix of flat patio rocks, natural stone and tile and create anything but the basic rectangular pool. Adding a hot tub with infinity ledge is not only a great idea for heating water for the pool below, but also it will give your backyard a touch of luxury.

Intertwine graceful curves

On the other hand, introducing and intertwining curves in your backyard is a great way to highlight your pool and create the perfect oasis just outside your living room. Curves are nature’s most graceful shape and they are perfect for creating a place that inspires peace and tranquillity, a perfect sanctuary for relaxing and forgetting about the stress and the real life. Think exposed aggregate deck as a perfect non-slip choice for the around the pool area and voila! A wonderful shapely swimming pool that will give your backyard a touch of Zen.

Stock tank pool for a wonderful rustic vibe

If you don’t have a pool in your backyard or you have a problem with the lack of space to install one – don’t worry. There are several ways to improvise a pool in your yard and one of them is creating a stock tank pool. It’s easy and perfect for cooling down during the hot summer days. Plus they are pretty affordable; they look awesome and will give your outdoor area an awesome rustic-meets-vintage look that is perfect for a country setting!

Take inspiration in exotic resorts

If you want to put things on a new level borrow some ideas from famous exotic resorts and their swimming pool areas or simply search for trendy additions for your old rectangle pool. You can take inspiration from various pool design trends such as falling water fountain in Miami or durable pool pergola in Sydney and intertwine them into your swimming pool area with a minor adjustment to your yard. You will adore the way your backyard looks and feel like you’re on a vacation every time you go outside.

Manicured garden and spa-inspired pool

Speaking of trends, the infamous California classic is a great option for a large backyard! This awesome trend gives you the opportunity to have stunning gardens as well as a pool and a spa all in once, like the luxurious Cali homes! Just imagine enjoying the clear blue water, swimming, and being able to smell the wonderful nature around you and the flowers from your garden.

Decorative tiles for an exotic touch

Sometimes all you have to do is add just a few details to upgrade your swimming pool’s design and you’ll give your outdoor pool area a whole new look! You can pretty much DIY whatever you want. Use decorative tiles along the pool’s edges or at corners to make your swimming pool look brand new and stylish! Put an accent on the part of the pool you want to highlight with decorative tiles or get your hands on the Morocco-inspired decorative tiles and create an exotic oasis.

The eclectic paradise

The best part about improvising pool design is that you can create an eclectic oasis that perfectly depicts your personality and is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. It is amazing what can be done with proper lighting and a mix of stones, pebbles, and plants. With dim lights all around the backyard, you can create a wonderful atmosphere for night swimming and cooling down during warm nights!

With this many different and amazing pool designs, the hardest part is to choose just one option to update your boring old pool. One thing is sure – some DIY ideas will certainly pop up on your mind and help you create a magical oasis in your outdoor area. Get ready for the hot summer days with a wonderfully designed and updated pool!