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5 Unique Home Decor Ideas


Once you’ve set up your own house, the desire to reflect your unique style and liven it up with a little of your own personality kicks in. Everyone who has money can buy the same, matching, run of the mill expensive furniture available in the market, but the trick is to pair the pieces and décor in such a way that your house different. So, here are some unique ideas which will make your space stand out and win appreciation from anyone who visits. An artfully decorated place is pleasing. It brightens up the mood and makes your home comfortable.

Use throws to jazz up the living room

living room
living room

If you are tired of your old, boring sofas don’t just discard them. Use some amazing colored throws and quilts to liven them up. For instance, if your sofas are beige, use warm hues like maroon. Get quilts and throws to drape over the sofas. Leave only one sofa uncovered and decorate it with stuffed cushions of the same color. The burst of color will make your sofas and living room appear beautiful and warm. No one would believe that these are the same beige sofas that they couldn’t stand earlier.

Get unique pieces for the hall

When you step inside the house, you should instantly see décor that makes you go wow. So get unique pieces like cool crystal globes to hang or display on the shelves in your hall or entrance lobby. These will look different and stylish. You could also go for some exotic things like silk fans or ceramic animals. The idea is to create something unique which will catch the eye.

Give your room your own personality


Your bedroom is a place where you feel comforted, it is a haven which is your own. So, give it some of your own personality. Get a vintage bed that you love, decorate your roof with “glow in the dark stars” and create a galaxy. It is comforting to feel you are sleeping under the stars, plus your room will be different from the whole house, giving it the unique touch that makes it your own. You could also add floating shelves for your belongings.

You can also add a backsplash of your choice to give your kitchen a fantastic makeover. Also, don’t forget to add a functional water filter. You can find good-looking ones as well to liven up your space.

Get rugs in Bold Patterns

A rug livens up the place and makes it stand out. Get rugs for all your floors and make sure they are not similar. Nothing looks worse or more boring than the same matching, printed rugs adorning all the floors.

Create your own mix and match effect by mixing different colors and patterns. You can come up with something that is unique and reflects your own style. You can get graphic rugs and some flowery ones. Throw them on the floors to create color and design. A solid coffee table nearby would also add to the effect.


wall wallpaper
wall wallpaper

Create the perfect balance between simplicity and décor. When the whole house is tastefully decorated, let most of the walls stay a simple, basic color. However, make sure that at least one wall in a room has a wallpaper. Don’t wallpaper all the walls in a room though, this will create something that is too much and too overpowering. Pick a vintage or soft, flowery wallpaper that will liven up all your walls. If you don’t want to go for a wallpaper, then you could have one wall painted a different color or get textured paint on that wall. If you are someone who loves to paint, you could indulge in a DIY project and paint a mural on the wall. There are also some large as life stickers available which make it feel that the painting is done on the wall itself. so, the idea is to work on one wall of each room and let the others stay a simple, solid color.

So, here you have it. 5 unique ideas for a fantastic home décor. If you have moved recently or plan to do so, remember to follow a moving checklist. Follow a plan and watch your house transform under your eyes into a home that has your unique sense of style. It will also reflect some of your own personality which will make you feel at home.