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5 ways to add contrast for a luxurious decor


The dark, contrasting decor and incorporating elements of classic style stand out from the white and sleek decor that have been a trend in recent years. In the late 19th century and into the mid-20th century, wealthy people decorated their homes in Victorian, Classical, Art Deco and Mid-Centhury styles. These styles all had in common the use of dark colors, contrat, luxurious and disproportionate sofa, patterns and picturesque textures giving wingspan to a room, such as a tapestry with giant gold and marine patterns or velvet furniture.

Element for an art deco style

These styles return quietly in fashion, as they present an evolution and fusion of classic styles inspired from the years 1900 to 1950, where luxury and purity are omnipresent. Finish and detail are of utmost importance, while the furniture has carved finishes, moldings, gold handles, and so on. Noble materials such as marble and gold are cherished, as are beautifully designed accessories such as vases and flowers. Wall art is almost always part of the decor, with gold frames and large paintings.

Regarding the colors, the use of dark or luxurious shades is prescribed to respect this style. Thus, we find shades of navy, black, red wine, white, mustard, chartreuse and gray.


You enter a room and everything is the same color: beige ceramics, beige sofas, beige walls, a beige kitchen counter and beige cabinets. I do not like beige, is it subtle? Now imagine entering a room with dark hardwood floors and white walls, beautiful navy velvet sofa and beautiful gold-colored paintings. Not exactly the same effect no?

Contrast is probably the easiest and safest way to create a wow effect without making a mistake. Pinterest is an incredible tool to develop a unique style that fits our tastes. By making some purchases, it is possible to modify a rather banal decor created using elements from Ikea to make something that will have a WoW effect! Anyone who is not an expert in interior design can successfully incorporate this style brilliantly. To do this, 5 tips:

  1. Choose very pale and very dark colors for the most important items, such as walls, cabinets, furniture and counters.


2. Opt for luxurious colors and materials such as gold and silver for decorative elements and accessories.


3. Use noble materials such as hardwood, marble and brass.


4. Dress your walls with great art and dark colored works.


5. Arrange the pale colors and the dark colors so that they have a harmonious result.

Keeping these 5 principles in mind, any room can turn into an example of spectacular design in a decor magazine!