Home Exterior Making your house green: an added value for sale?

Making your house green: an added value for sale?


Could making your house green could be an incentive for future buyers when selling your home? More and more people are trying to make small – or big – moves to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible society. Plus, eco-friendly elements can save us money, such as having LED bulbs all over the house instead of standard bulbs or saving energy and water. Here are some elements that could be incentives for future buyers aware of the cause.

green home - vegetable garden

1. Arrange a space for the garden

Consuming our own food helps reduce the fuel consumption of large trucks that import foreign products. By consuming our food or by encouraging local farmers, we reduce the demand for these foreign products and therefore the number of round trips needed to import them. In addition to allowing organic farming, which will be beneficial to your health, you will help reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful to you as well as for the environment. An important point not to overlook: you will also save on the grocery bill.

2. Provide space for recycling and composting.

Compost reduces the emissions of methane produced by domestic waste. Methane contributes to increasing the greenhouse effect and is 20% more harmful than CO2. Providing a space entirely devoted to recycling and composting can help future buyers to project themselves into this way of life and to find a real advantage.

green home - high pressure laminate
Credit: Formica

3. Build and renovate in a sustainable and eco-friendly way

Opt for local or recycled materials, such as laminate countertops instead of marble. High-pressure laminate is now recognized by the Green Building Council as a choice of ecological and antimicrobial surfaces. This new material is particularly exciting as it combines economy and durability and offers an incredible array of finishes and colors. In addition, the cost per square foot is $ 36 to $ 45 instead of $ 40 to $ 120 for granite.

green home - energy bulbs

4. Reduce your electricity bill

A low monthly electricity cost can be extremely appealing to a savvy buyer. Lighting up with LED lights and reducing the temperature a few degrees when sleeping or outside the home, for example, will have an impact on electricity consumption. These lights are known to be more energy efficient than ordinary light bulbs. Combined with ENERGY STAR appliances, these items can lower an electricity bill. Finally, ensuring maximum insulation so as not to lose heat are complementary actions to lower energy consumption.

green home - faucet water

5. Save water

Like electricity, a reduced bill for water consumption is rather enticing. Go for showers and low-flow toilets and collect rainwater for your garden.