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Get your Home Monsoon Ready Today!


It is a known fact that concrete surfaces contract and expand when exposed to high temperatures. The concrete surface then begins to crack on account of not being flexible or stretchable. Eventually, the exteriors and roofs of structures, therefore, start developing cracks due to constant exposure to harsh weather. These cracks then expand further, giving a chance for water to seep right in. Such an issue not only affects the appearance of the building/household but also weakens the structure, leading to falling slabs, insistent dampness on the walls, and weakening of pillars and walls.

monsoon ready home
monsoon ready home

Hence, it is important to safeguard our homes from dampness and leakages before the monsoons arrive. Every house or building faces water seepage in one way or the other, and this problem is usually ignored until the monsoons. Even though the monsoons are a sense of relief from the harsh summer heat, it can create havoc for homeowners that continues even after the season comes to an end. Homeowners are then left to tend for themselves and have no option but to get to use to water leaking from different areas of the home. Eventually, homeowners are forced to place buckets and other similar things on the kitchen floor and the other regions to prevent the house from becoming a mini lake.

Concrete structures go through the damage caused by the sun and rain throughout the year. The result of a such an issue can take a heavy toll on the structure. Not just in terms of repairs but also a new paint job as well as the family’s health

Health Concerns

Water seepage not only takes a toll on the structure of the house but also affects the health of the family members. Water leakages have various health consequences and are not caused by leakages themselves but by the damp atmosphere such as the mold, asbestos, and mildew.

One of the visible effects of water seepage is the growth of molds on the damp patches. Be it at home or in an office surrounding, the dark and musty-smelling mold aggravates and causes asthma, adversely affecting the young. If you are suffering from a weak immune system, molds can become a health hazard for you and cause allergies such as lung inflammation called Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. Such an issue can lead to a list of respiratory problems that can be dangerous for anyone living within that property.

Fixing the Leak!

When it comes to fixing the leakage problem, we often think of it as a colossal task. Research carried out by Pidilite Industries Ltd shows that an overwhelming 65% of customers opt for a cure rather than prevention, and thus wait for the water-related problem to worsen before taking any measure.

Hence, the right time to carry out waterproofing is before monsoons. This not only protects the structure from rainfall but also saves the cost of recurrent repairs and hassle in terms of breakage and weakening the structure.

Dr. Fixit helps you safeguard your home or building from leakages and ensure the long-lasting finesse of the paint for many years to come.

To help save yourself from this hassle, here are few recommended steps that one can take up:

•    It is believed that waterproofing the roof is enough for a leak-free home. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The home will be fully protected only when all four possible water entry areas are properly waterproofed. Along with the roof, it is important to waterproof five surfaces of water ingress which are below ground, wet areas, roof, concrete water tanks, and external walls.

•    Replace or repair all broken drainage pipes to ensure no seepage happens

•    It is recommended that pipes should be replaced every ten years to prevent water from seeping into your home

•    Use longer pipes for water outflow and avoid water spattering on the walls

•    Look out for interval dampness and remove leaking pipes immediately

•    Channel water away from a balcony by using tiles near the ground surface of the walls to avoid water stains

•    The water coming from the terrace garden should be adequately channelized to prevent it from seeping into the slabs

•    All broken plasters and cracks should be repaired or modified

In conclusion, water leakage and seepage might seem like temporary inconveniences but can have grave consequences. As a homeowner, make sure you check the smallest signs of damage in your home and take prompt action to get the best possible solutions for your seepages issues.

Say no to damp walls, cracks, and leakages, and say yes to Dr.Fixit waterproofing solutions for a leak-free home.