Home Interior A to-do list before finalizing your interior designer in 2018

A to-do list before finalizing your interior designer in 2018

interior design 2018
interior design 2018

Did you buy your dream home and now do not know how to decorate it? Thanks to interior designers, now you can hire people who can help you decorate your dream HOME. You can start searching and will easily find the best interior designers in Mumbai. But finding a commercial interior designer in Mumbaitakes a little research. You must consider several things before hiring an interior designer.

interior design 2018
interior design 2018

Here are some points that should be noted before finalizing your interior designer.

Get Peculiar:

Take a pen and paper and note down all the things that can be used as filters during the selection process. Do this even before you kick-start your plan. Decide the look that you want, the budget that you are willing to spend and how much extra you can go for if needed, decide the location and the timelines. All these are critical criteria and connected to each other. Timelines are a must because you do not want to get into arguments and discussions at a certain point in time and find work getting delayed for long. So it is advisable to filter the candidates out even before when you start.

Where to find them?

After filtering the interior designers based on your needs, searching for them becomes a little challenging. Check out online searches for best interior designers in Mumbai, you can look on social media as well. Try to contact your friends and family or your acquaintances that have had recent experiences with interior designers. You can also check the designs on the décor blogs and magazines and have a look at their work. Shortlist, only those candidates that are appropriate according to your list. This way you can have a proper count of people to approach.

Always run a background check

Once you are done with the shortlisting of the designers that fit your needs then run a background check. No nothing insane. Just check their education, the people they work with, people they work under, all the projects they have worked on and their work experience.

Portfolio check must be on your checklist:

Verifying the portfolio of the person you hire to decorate your house is equally important to the background check. You must know that they have specialized in and from what university they have gained their education. Always do a due diligence about how good they are at creativity and how far can they take innovation. How great they are at overcoming their challenges. You can also demand to go on-site visiting and can witness their work. Besides, who knows you might find something very intriguing for your home

Be open about your budget:

Once you are convinced that the working style and the portfolio of the candidate are good then continue and finalise a budget. The cost varies from designer to designer depending upon their work experience and the quality of work that they deliver. Make a list of key points and services that you require and discuss a budget with your designer. Once the designer agrees with the budget, negotiate the amount on the services they can and cannot provide. Make sure that they tell you everything about the payment process and the timeline to finish your work beforehand. Make sure that you always keep a buffer of 20-30 per cent of your final budget for extra and miscellaneous expenses.

Always share your design sensibilities:

Always make sure that you and your interior designer should work in sync when it comes to design ideas. You must share the proper concept about your home and let the designers share what would look better in their home. A good designer is someone who is flexible and tries to fit your sensibility about the ideas of the provider.

Don’t be in a rush:

You have waited long enough to build your own dream house, but waiting for a few weeks won’t cost you anything more. Always be patient. Talk about each and every minutest detail. It is important to discuss the fashion and trends that are going on today in the industry and estimating all the possibilities before you decide anything. You can insist on as many meetings as you need with the architect and the designer, to go through the designs and plans and function accordingly.

It is important for the designer to understand your taste:

Everyone has different taste and needs when it comes to interior designing. It is the responsibility of a designer to understand you and how you want to see your house at the end of it. Make sure that all the communication that you have related to all aspects should be done before signing the contract. Whether you want an overall fusion look or something contemporary, it should be communicated directly with your designer and the designer must understand what you are exactly looking for. You can get references from online home decoration portals which you can easily forward to them.

Always ask for a visual representation:

Visual representation always helps when you are planning to decorate your spaces. Many times it happens that the things you might feel appealing are not the same in person. Asking for a visual representation before starting any work can help you avoid mistakes. This way you can know if you and your designer are on the same page.

Post-install support

Before you sign any contract, make sure that your designer offers you post-installation support. Sometimes people need help and opinions even after the space has been designed. Once everything is completed, having a post-installation call with your designer after examining everything is important in case there are errors while designing the house. Once there is an affirmative response to post-install support, you can sign a contract.

Make time for your designer

Before hiring an interior designer you must figure out how much time you can afford to spend on your house. You have to be quick in following up with your designer about the work in progress. Delaying in the reply of calls and emails will just add more days to your timeline. If you do not respond effectively there are chances that the things in stock now can soon go out of stock. The suppliers can get employed elsewhere. You might have to wait six weeks for something to get completed which would have been completed by now if you have had proper follow up about the process.

Make your final to-do list and start searching for the best interior designers in Mumbai. Look out for commercial interior designers, compare their rates and margins and start work accordingly. For hiring corporate interior designers, check your filters twice because it is going to be your office space.