Home Interior This Is The Time To Start Preparing Your Cottage For Fall

This Is The Time To Start Preparing Your Cottage For Fall

Start Preparing Your Cottage For Fall
Start Preparing Your Cottage For Fall

The trees are bursting into beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow, so it’s time to prepare your vacation home for a chillier season. Cottage-owners need to get started as soon as possible before the harsh winter weather arrives.

The first thing you will want to do is switch your easy breezy summer interior design into a theme that’s focused on comfort and warmth. You can cozy up your cottage by stacking chopped lumber by the fireplace for nights that get cold and by taking light linens off of couches and replacing them with thick wool tartan blankets. Put candles on tables and on top of dressers to set a soft and romantic mood, while also acting as an alternative light source in case the electricity goes out. Your home décor should always be charming and incredibly practical, making you feel happy and at ease.

Start Preparing Your Cottage For Fall
Start Preparing Your Cottage For Fall

If your windows and doors are letting in drafts when the weather is bad, you will want to get new windows and doors this summer from a window manufacturer in Ottawa — brushing off these upgrades for another year will leave you feeling miserably cold during the fall and winter. Exceptional energy efficient window replacements will stop any heat from the fireplace from leaking out of the cottage and they will prevent outdoor air from forcing its way inside.

A professionally installed front door made of sturdy panels will also safeguard the rooms from wind and moisture. Look to a place like Golden Windows for these essential home improvements because they are one of the best window manufacturers in Ottawa. They are known for making high-quality products for homeowners, renovators, and builders across the entire province.

Once you fix up the interior of your cottage, you will want to move outside to prep your garden for fall so that all of the plant-life survives the coldest times of the year and flourishes when spring returns. Plant your bulbs for the next growing season and spread pelletized poultry manure around the area to keep squirrels from digging them up and eating them. Another trick to preparing your cottage garden for fall is to clean up dead leaves and sticks that litter the floor — collect the detritus and put it into a compost pile so that you can make a healthy mulch for bushes and flowers. Even winter-hardy plants like evergreen trees need maintenance before the snow starts to come down—you should soak them with water so that they are well hydrated and so their needles don’t turn brown when spring arrives.

Every cottage owner knows how important water is to the enjoyment and sustainability of their summer adventures! Fall is the time to check on your plumbing issues to make sure that the water line is good to go for next year, as you don’t want to have to be dealing with problems when the weather is nice!

For some cottages, that involves draining the water line and closing up the property. For others, fall is the time to make upgrades and improvements in preparation for next spring. Many cottage owners are learning about the benefits of a reverse osmosis water filter for their home, and fall is the time to change filers and take care of the system.

The summer is the time when you can run down to the dock to jump into the water or go for a scenic canoe ride. Fall is perfect for those days when you want to take a walk through the brush to look at the changing leaves during the day or relax in front of the fireplace at night. Doing these preparations nice and early will make the transition between seasons simple and smooth.