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Interior Design – What’s Going to Be In and Out in 2019


The beginning of the year is a perfect time to take a look at what trends will be popular in the months ahead. Last year, we had industrially styled kitchens, copper accents and grey phase of painting the walls. However, now, interior designers are recommending more natural and bolder choices that will help you rediscover your living space.

Gold details

While other types of metallic designs like brass and silver are still present, gold will take precedence to create a luxurious ambiance. In 2018, we had a lot of matte and copper details but now it’s all about a sophisticated and polished look. Gold details go well with natural materials like wood and bring back nostalgia to the 1960s era in design.

These gold details can vary from the metal frame of the chair in the living room, to mirror frame in the hallways. If you want to use it as a decoration, then a gold bowl on the coffee table or vase of flowers on the dining table will help you wake up the royal elegance in your home.

Sustainable furniture

This year will continue the use of sustainable furniture and even be more oriented on eco-friendly solutions. This will promote pieces built from recycled materials and alternatives which are good for the environment. Sustainable furniture has always been perceived as something re-used, but this year it will represent a new leaf in interior design and introduce an elegant style.

Classic kitchen design

Unlike the previous year, this time the kitchen design will be more traditional with a classic and elegant look. Close cabinets, honed surfaces, and wood are back in the modern kitchen environments which will allow raw materials to shine. Matte black fixtures will stay in the trend while colorful appliances will be perfect as a pop out color details.

The kitchen cabinetry colors for this year are lemon yellows, deep blue, apricot orange, and pale greens, although light neutrals are still here to soften the combinations. Concealed storage is still here to create a clean design, as well as traditional elements for a vintage vibe. Wood and other raw materials will be welcoming elements in the kitchens in order to create an organic and welcoming environment.

Living Coral

Last year’s Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet inspired some interesting combinations and interior design ideas. However, in 2019 it is going to go in a more animating direction with Living Coral, a truly energizing hue that will breathe life into any space. This is a perfect color no matter where you live and its versatile under different lights.

Living Coral will bring warmth to the southern hemisphere where it will be fall soon, and so Sydney painters and Rio de Janeiro designers will have fun reinventing the ambiance. While on the northern part of the globe, in the USA and Europe for example, this hue will prove a good combination with freshly green nature and hints of summer. Based on Pantone Living Coral symbolizes “optimism and joyful pursuits” which is the representation of “our desire for playful expression.”

Organic shapes

Organic shapes will replace geometrical lines this year and so we will witness the growing trend of curved furniture and softer forms in interior design. This style shined at Milan Design Week and since then irregular shapes have integrated the design trend for 2019. The first priority of this new trend is the comfort and that makes it perfect to fit into any décor and design demands.

All in all

Trends which are in and out in 2019 have enveloped interior design community with their fresh, energizing ideas for comfortable and elegant homes. While some things stayed the same as the use of natural materials, it is time to say goodbye to geometrical shapes and incorporate more vivacious colors like Pantone Living Coral. After all, the new year is the time for new beginnings so why not start from the interior design of your home.