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Do You Feel Like You Need to Upgrade Your Lights


Lighting can do a lot for the overall feel of your home. When the days get shorter during winter, good lighting will elevate the mood and create a pleasant ambience. It will also help you highlight interior design features and give your décor layers without the big renovation.

Basically, lightning can improve the appearance of your home without an expensive makeover. Sometimes the simplest thing like changing the fixture can affect the aesthetics in your home and give it a new look. So, if you want to change your home and give it a different vibe, maybe it’s actually time to upgrade your lights.  

  • Change the design aesthetics

When it comes to interior design it’s all about aesthetics you can achieve by using different shapes, patterns, and illumination. Lights can provide not only a different ambient setting but also serve as unique design pieces. Therefore, a floor lamp will give a warmer and elegant atmosphere to the room, while a simple change of the chandelier can give an instant update to space.  

Choose the pieces that fit the already present design with their colour and form so they would fit your current space. Consider the light fixtures and pieces as part of the décor and not only as its useful element. While light will accentuate other features of the room it can also contribute to the design and create harmony in the styled environment.   

  • Change your home’s colour scheme

Sometimes, the smallest detail can change the scenery. Therefore, instead of painting your home change the overall colour scheme with one colourful detail. Choose a playful chandelier with an asymmetrical design and playful colours like Pantone Color of the Year 2019 Living Coral or forest green. These natural tones will wake up space and give it a fresh and modern look.  

A golden pendant light will not only be in line with the newest trends but will also radiate sophistication and elegance to the room. The combination of shape and colour will help you define the style you like, as well as change the face of your décor. If you are not sure what kind of colour would be best for you, put an accent on the shape and go for comfortable colours like white and black.

  • Help you establish spatial divides

Open floor plan causes many homeowners to create walls or other physical spatial divides in order to compartmentalize. Separating dining area from the living room does seem like quite a  challenge but actually, it can all be resolved with strategically planned lightning. A drop or suspender is a hanging light fixture which is commonly used in kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms to create a focal point or an area.

Flush mount lighting is a great choice for living room since it will open up space and make it bigger, especially if you use light bulbs. While overhead lights will open up space, wall-mounted lamps will create a more intimate and warmer ambience. Therefore, if you want to change the environment of your apartment, it’s enough to add a suspender or wall lamps to reinvent the space.

  • Choose eco-efficiency

Eco-efficiency is a responsible use of energy that will help reduce the ever-growing deterioration of our environment. The innovative lighting technology practised by many companies like One Call Electrical allows homeowners to use sustainable resources to improve their daily lives. Therefore, you can build a futuristic home with a lit mirror in the bathroom using Bluetooth technology to play music.

Also, you can strategically install lights so that they turn on and off at certain times of day and get one worry off your shoulders. For example, night lights could turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise, which will both save your budget and energy.    

  • Adds character to the room

If you want to add character to the room, then doing it with lighting is a perfect way to achieve a more subtle and easy change. It’s all about applying a little bit of contrast to highlight the best features in the room. For example, an unusually designed lamp would break the monotony of symmetrical shapes while a modern chandelier will personalize an old-fashion décor.

Just think about what you want to achieve and what bothers you in the existing interior design of your home. And before you decide on the big and expensive change, try a simpler but effective solution like playing with lights and lighting fixtures.


Take a good look at your home at any time of day. If you feel the need to change something, you may only need to upgrade your lights. Lights offer a number of possibilities to bring out the freshness and reinvent the space that will certainly help you perfect your décor.