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Top 5 Spring Home Improvements and Tips on Staying Safe While Performing Them

Spring Home design
Spring Home design

Spring is just around the corner and you need to prepare your home for it. This means giving all the rooms a thorough cleaning and being bold enough to start a home improvement project. You probably have a to-do list stashed somewhere and can’t wait to grab a hold of the tools and start building. However, all the home improvements you decide to carry out require you to stay safe, as not injuring yourself is the biggest life improvement.

Spring Home design
Spring Home design

Once you gear up, it’s time to start any of the 5 spring home improvement projects listed below.

A fresh shower

During the coming summer months, you are going to seek refuge from the blistering Australian heat inside a shower. That is why it has to be spruced up all the way. You can refresh it by installing a new showerhead with a wider surface for the nozzles that will spray water all around, making every shower more pleasant. While you’re there, be sure to look for any leaks and seal with additional caulk the shower door and the bottom of the cabin.

As far as safety measures are concerned, if there is any hammering involved, look where the hammer lands as the last thing you want to hit are your thumb or index finger. Also, when applying caulk don’t close the bathroom door because of the toxic fumes, as there should be a constant draft and you can turn on the ventilation.

Adorning the windows

If you have cleaned the windows, but you are still not happy with how they look and fit into the bedroom’s décor, consider changing the curtains. That is the only interior design solution that can change the appearance of the window area. Speaking of the bedroom, ripple-fold curtains are ideal to be hung here because they add a touch of luxury to your sleeping quarters.

The most common mistake people make when climbing up to change the curtains is stepping onto something unstable. If you own a stepladder, don’t be too lazy to use it, as a kitchen stool made from plastic or a swivel chair do not count as good support. When attaching the rings to the mounting bracket, take care not to pinch yourself!

Construction work

So far, we have only discussed home improvements that don’t involve turning your house into a construction site. However, if you want to move a wall, create a new kitchen counter or a living room bar, you will have to do some smashing. Demolishing and building should involve special protective measures.

Firstly, wear a protective helmet, earphones and goggles like the one you can find at any construction site. Put durable gloves on your hands and wear only high-quality steel cap boots to protect your feet if something heavy, like a chunk of rebarring, drops on them.

Replace the flooring

The floors have probably been the same in your house for years. If you are tired of looking at the same surfaces and colours, you can always have them replaced. This doesn’t have to be expensive as you can refurbish one room at a time. Even hallways and the bathrooms could be included in this initiative, as a new rug has the potential to turn around the décor of the entire room.

floor Interior design
floor Interior design

Dust is the biggest danger of changing floors, even if you are not performing this activity yourself. It has been falling through the seams of floor tiles and the parquet for so long that it has probably weakened the adhesive underneath holding the entire floor together. When the floor is raised, all that dust is released, so be sure to wear a face mask before construction workers get a chance to sweep up.

Painting wall surfaces

Perhaps the most common spring home improvement that should be done at least once every half a decade is painting the walls and the ceiling. This is done firstly because of sanitary reasons as walls collect dust and dirt that you have to live with and inhale in the years to come. Secondly, changing the colour of the walls around you is a welcoming change.

Using chemicals in an enclosed space like the bathroom can turn deadly. To some extent, painting the house or apartment also produces harmful scents that you better not inhale. That is why you should consider relocating to a hotel or to your friends and family until the painting is completed. Even when you move back in, air the house as often as possible.

If you are unsure of your capabilities, start by performing just one of the 5 home improvement listed here. Once you realize how it revived your interior, you will look forward to next spring’s projects.