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13 Tips for Finding the Right Living Room Area Rug

antiques apartment armchair
antiques apartment armchair

Your living room is where you entertain company and sometimes watch television. One of the ways that you can decorate your living room is with an area rug. We know that it can be hard to find the right rug, so below are 13 tips that you can use to help you find the area rug for your needs.

antiques apartment armchair
antiques apartment armchair

Measure Your Seating Area

Before spending a lot of money on a rug, you want to measure your seating area. This includes your room’s space and size. If it’s a small living room, selecting a rug that’s small which covers just a bit of your area before your furniture’s a good idea.

Use More Than One Rug for a Larger Living Room

apartment architecture bookcase
apartment architecture bookcase

If you have a large living room, you will have no trouble incorporating multiple rugs into the room. You want to match your rugs with the colour of your curtains and the walls.

Select a Rug That’s Long for Long Living Rooms

For a living room that’s long and narrow, you want to buy a rung that’s narrow and long. You don’t want it to take up your whole floor. You also want to make sure that you are matching your furniture as well.

Keep Your Sofa’s Legs on Your Rug

If you have a huge rug that efficiently accommodates your furniture, it’s going to be much better if you keep your furniture’s rugs. This is going to give you a look that’s more comfortable.

Keep Furniture Legs Off Small Rugs

If your rug is smaller, you want to keep the furniture legs off of it. This is going to accentuate your room’s look and make it look more friendly and neat.

Use a Square Rug in a Square Room

If you have a square looking living room, you should buy a rug that is also square. This is going to make the room look more even and keep it more synced.

Sisal and Jute Rugs Are Great Choices

These types of rugs always look classic and smart, and they’ll always be in fashion. Before purchasing a really expensive rug, make sure that you will be able to enjoy it for years. This way you know that your money was well spent.

Consider Texture

Before you make your purchase, consider the feeling that you want beneath your feet when you walk across it. A wool rug will add softness and warmth and natural materials such as jute and sisal are rougher. Silk’s beautiful and soft, but it’s also hard to clean and expensive. So you want to remember these things when buying a rug.

apartment architecture carpet
apartment architecture carpet

Think About Your Lifestyle

When you are choosing your rug, think about your lifestyle. Do you have kids? Do you have pets? How much foot traffic will go on your rug? These are all things that you want to consider. If you have kids pets or a lot of people who are always going to be walking on the rug, you want something that can hold up to it.

Consider Your Living Room

If you don’t have a lot of colour in your room, it can be fun to choose something more colourful. But if your room has a lot of bright colours in it, you want to choose a rug with a single shade.

Look for Stain Resistance

If you have kids or pets, as was mentioned above, one thing that you want to do is look for a rug that’s stain resistant. This will help you keep your rug looking good because accidents will happen.

Spice Up Your Plain Living Room with Bold Patterns

You can transform your plain living room into a colourful and bright area if the rug that you choose has bold patterns in it. it will help your room to pop.

Compliment Your Rug With a Comfy Quilt

One of the best ways that you can decorate your living room is with a comfortable quilt. There are so many ways that you can use quilts, and they’re ideal to use when you’re snuggling with a loved one and watching a movie or you’re comforting a sick child. Go to BeddingBeauty.com and you will find a lot of beautiful quilts and comforters to choose from.

When you use these 13 tips for finding the ideal area rug for a living room, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all in finding the right area rug for your personal style and budget. Rugs are one of the most important decorative choices that you can make. The right area rug can really bring your room’s look together and make quite an impression on your guests and family. Go out and look around for the right area rug for you, and make sure that you have fun doing it. there are so many possibilities that you can choose from.