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Tips for a Minimalist Bathroom – Place of Peace and Serenity


You probably agree that the bathroom is one of the most important parts of the home: it’s where we spend a considerable amount of time, getting ready for the day and unwinding at the end of it. That is why it’s important that your bathroom is functional and up-to-date; there is nothing more frustrating than a cramped, unsightly, badly lit nook that looks like it is in desperate need of an upgrade. If you’re ready to turn your bathroom into a real place of peace and serenity, read on to learn some tips.

Don’t skip the basics

Although this is not exactly the fun part of a renovation, whatever kind of bathroom reno you have in mind, it’s always worth checking your pipes before overhauling everything and ending up needing to take your new design apart a few months later when an emergency strikes. Plumbing and electricity are delicate issues in bathroom environments, so have those thoroughly checked by local experts before moving on. For instance, if you live in the Port Stephens area, your best bet is turning to professionals in bathroom renovations from Nelson Bay who will make sure all your plumbing is impeccable and help you with the rest of the project as well.

The colors and lighting

Now that we got the basics out of the way, we can move on to the fun part. While minimalism swears by white everything, if you find that too dull, you can use other neutral or light hues for your walls and tiles too. Especially if your available space is not too large, light colors will boost the airiness and spaciousness of your bathroom, while neutrals give the space a clean and coherent look. For a bit of interest, include contrast with a darker color used for hardware, or instead of a dark color, you can also go for wood and make that the accent. Combine this with ample natural and artificial lighting and the look and functionality of your bathroom will skyrocket.

Think about storage solutions

Most of us have countless bathroom products, towels and other necessities all over our bathroom. This completely destroys the clean, minimalist look of the space you are striving for. So, when renovating, consider storage options built into the walls, which basically become invisible once closed. You can also utilize the space under the sink. This way, you will have everything at hand’s reach but hidden from sight. Moreover, it’s worth thoroughly going through your things and throwing away everything that’s empty, old, expired or you can’t remember the last time you used it. Decluttering will free up so much space!

The choice of fixtures

While updating your bathroom fixtures is definitely not a small expense, it makes a world of difference. Look up sleek and modern designs that will make the bathroom a true pleasure to spend time in. Consider a wall-mounted toilet (these take up so little space and are very minimalist!) and a matching floating sink with clean lines. In addition, in countries such as Australia where water conservation is a crucial issue, it is worth considering investing in water-efficient fixtures (including low flow faucets and showerheads).

Careful with decorating

To many, minimalist design is synonymous with “void of décor”. It does not have to be. However, you should be conscious of those few decorative pieces that you intend to include. For instance, simply choosing a nice set of soap dispensers and a unique towel rack can do the trick – and they still have a purpose besides serving as decoration. You can also place a potted plant that thrives in bathroom environments in one of the corners and your monochrome space will instantly come to life.

Achieving an effective minimalist design in your bathroom sounds easy but you should still plan everything beforehand. Be it changing the current look to a simpler color scheme, installing a new fixture or two or just doing a little bit of decluttering or redecorating, your bathroom will feel fresh and new if you decide to go minimal!