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Top Pool Design Trends

Pool Design
Pool Design

People looking for new pool design ideas would like to know about the new trends in the industry. While designing of pool, creativity and architectural skills complement each other. Here, you will come to know about certain fresh designs, that you can translate into reality.

Designing the dream pool at your backyard requires a good understanding of architecture, colors, and designs. With the new designs coming in, you can enjoy brand new features in the swimming pools. Check out the latest trends of pool design and go for the ones that appeal to you.

Pool Design
Pool Design

LED lighted pools

Well, you can deliver a fascinating look to your swimming pool with an advanced LED lighting. This is an automated system, where you can control the lights remotely, using a smartphone. There are several color variations that you can use to tweak the look of the pool. Use an energy-efficient system, so that you can get the pool lit brilliantly, without consuming much power. These types of pools have become popular among the spa owners. You may come up with your own ideas in terms of colors and contrasts. Shades of red, green, and blue have already become popular. This is one of the common pool design ideas used in luxury resorts and homes. 

Wet-edge pools

Wet edge pools or infinity pools. If you are willing to go for breathtaking designs, this is one of the best themes to go for. You will love the landscaped and architectural setting around the pool. People seeking picturesque pool design ideas should go for wet-edge pools. This type of pool design looks elegant and gives the swimming pool a regal appearance. Generally, they are developed strategically to overlook mesmerizing scenery.

Customized pools with high-end materials 

When you think about pool design, customization plays an important role. You would love to translate all your fantasies to reality, while designing the pool. Incorporating high-end luxury materials in the pools is not a bad idea. You can also customize the shape of these pools, normally people opt for oval, rectangular or other suitable shapes. Elements like glass tile, pebble finish, marble decking and granite add to the extravaganza. People with innovative pool designing ideas often collaborate with the established designers, who help them with innovative concepts. 

Pool Design
Pool Design

Pools with fire features 

Have you ever fancied a swimming pool with fire themes? Well, this pool design concept is comparatively new and has gained popularity in various parts of the world. Various kinds of lighting are used to design the theme, that represents fire pits, blazing bowls, and fireplaces. It is really a visual treat. The warmth and dimmed illumination with the ripples of water flowing close to them look dramatic, The pool designers come up with innovative additions, like new shades of light resembling the fire and so on. You can also experiment with the shape of the swimming pool in these cases. 

Pools with tanning ledges and sun shelves

You must be familiar to the tanning ledges, also known as sun shelves, a favorite feature in resorts. Well, this type of pool design comes with tanning ledges. The shallow areas are flat and the design comes in-built along with the pool. These can serve as an excellent option for sun-bathing. Children, too, would like to enjoy the system, and play around. After a hot day, sun shelves are the best feature to relax and cool down the body. This is one of the most popular pool design concepts you can try out.

Closing Thoughts- Having a personal pool is a great idea. Whether you are designing a personal pool or for commercial use, don’t forget to look for the new ideas and designs that are flooding the market. You must have a consultation with the reputed pool designers for new ideas. By collaborating with the experts, you can get awesome ideas converted into reality.