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How to Select A Right Garden Pot


Having a small area to plant is a hobby of many and they do it to add warmth and soft transitions to their place. House planting can give a different look to your interiors. To start planting, you require a perfect garden pot where you place soil, seeds and start nurturing them to make them grow. Everyone loves to have garden pots in their house but many of them don’t know how to select a right pot to enhance the overall look of their home décor by softening the transitions of your home. You can choose an earthen pot, a plastic, a rubber or even a cane pot to decorate your balcony or even your kitchen or bathroom.

Garden Pot
Garden Pot

How to Choose a Right Garden Pot? 

There are three important things to check while buying a garden pot – the size of the pot, the material and the draining system of your home.

  1. Know the size of the garden pot you will need: Selecting a right sized garden pot is important as in large pots, the soil dries up too quickly thus the roots rot easily where in small pots the plants will tip over and it will be difficult to water the plant. Small pots inhibit the growth of the plant. Hence, you need to select a garden pot where there is enough space for the plants to grow. Choose the pot of the same size in which the plant is already growing. If you are transplanting an outgrown plant then shift to a pot that is slightly larger than the existing pot (maybe, 2 to 3 inches larger in diameter).
  1. The material of the pot: The commonly used material for garden pots is clay, terra Cotta and plastic. Plastic pots are light weight, inexpensive and can retain larger amount of water. Terra Cotta pots are heavier and porous thus the plants planted here will require frequent watering. If you have plants like cacti, orchids, succulents then it is best to plant them in Terra Cotta plants. You can also choose acrylic pots in beautiful colors to add more glamour to your home decor.
  1. How well is the draining system of your place? Plants require water hence there must be good drainage system for the water to flow out of the pots into the drain. Many pots require a hole for letting excess water out and for air inlet.
Garden Pot
Garden Pot

What is Double Potting all About?

If you don’t wish to drill holes in your garden pots, then you can use double potting where a cachepot will hold the planting garden pot or cover the garden pot with a plastic material or terra Cota for drainage purpose. Depending on the size of the garden pots, the holes that are created in the pots and depending on the material of the planter, you can choose a garden pot for your kitchen, rooftop or terrace garden. You can choose both indoor and outdoor pots, and to add more customization, you can do the designs all by yourself.

If you love arts, then you should try your hands on creating attractive cachepots by using acrylic paints. You can use terra cotta pots or plastic pots to express your style. You can beautify the pot by sticking pebbles, glass tiles, shells to the pots. You can also check out other unique decorative items available in a nearby departmental store.

Now, you can easily start planting trees in the desired garden pot of right texture, color and weight. Be sure about your plant. Choose garden pots online now and give a new age of aesthetic look to your home decor.