Home Interior Just moved? Follow these steps to make your new place feel like...

Just moved? Follow these steps to make your new place feel like home


Starting a new chapter in your life is great, but it can take more than just getting the keys to your new place to make it feel like home. A good design is mandatory if you really want to make your new place your home. Thanks to these steps, your new place will truly be yours. You won’t have to worry about feeling out of place or like a stranger in their own house.

1. Hang some art

Empty walls make any place more of a building than a home. If you don’t put anything on your walls, you’ll just feel like you’re sitting in a stranger’s home. Rooms also tend to look colder and more sterile without some wall art warming the place up. You don’t have to do anything special, but make sure the walls aren’t just covered in paint.

You could frame your favourite photos, draw or make something yourself, purchase art from local artists, or do anything in between. If the pieces on the wall mean something to you- that’s a plus. This will just make you feel closer to your new home.

2. Deep clean

There’s nothing that can connect you more to a place than cleaning it thoroughly. You’ll want to start your new life in a pristine environment that hasn’t been spoilt with others’ traces of life. This makes the place feel entirely new even if it isn’t. It will be an empty canvas that you’ll get to work with instead of just a painting you’re finishing for someone else.

What’s more, the fact that you’ve put in the time and effort to clean the place will make it feel much more special. You’ll be so proud of yourself that you deep cleaned that you’ll have no choice but to call the place yours.

3. Make it cosy

Whichever corner of the world you look, cosiness seems to be one of the most important factors of home decor. This is especially true in Australia, where people go the extra mile to make their homes as cosy as they can be. Carpets are especially popular choices as they tie the room together better than anything else. When first settling into their new home, the average Aussie will look for the perfect carpet in the Northern Beaches as they know this is the epitome of cosiness.

The perfect carpet will match their personality but also the interior design of the home. This way, there’s something that ties the new homeowner to the house and really makes them feel at home.

4. Take something from your old home

Your old home may seem like it’s so far away, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you settle into your new place, you can always take something from the old chapter of your life and give it a special place in your new environment.

It can be just a small detail you’re fond of and you think would fit into the room well, or you could go as big as transporting a bulky piece of furniture that means something to you. At the very least, you could frame the key to your old place and proudly display it at your new one.


As you can see, these steps are there to ensure that you’re well and settled into your new place. Whether you’re from the US, Europe, or Asia, or Australia, we all share a common need for a home. Making your home cosy and warm is the first step to making it feel yours. Following these steps will ensure you have the right decorating ideas and turn your new place into something extraordinary.