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7 Best Surfaces to Use in Reception Desks

Alaska White granite

Granite is one of the best materials for the reception desk, as it’s beautiful, versatile and durable at the same time. This gorgeous natural stone is likely to enhance the aesthetics of any interior while being functional at the same time.

A reception desk is literally the centrepiece of any office entrance or waiting room. Therefore, it is important to look for the material that makes the visitors feel welcomed while making the receptionist feel comfortable all day long in your office’s waiting room.

Alaska White graniteIf you are unsure of what will be the best material for your reception desk, we would suggest picking any of the granite worktops, as this natural stone is classy and sophisticated for any contemporary interior.

Why choose granite?

Granite is rich in beauty compared to many other countertops. The timeless appeal and aura of this natural stone never seem to fade away, despite so many man-made countertop materials available in the market.

Not just kitchen but these natural stone countertops can be installed in your bathroom, as well as the office reception, to take its beauty to the next level while becoming a marvellous focal point of the room. Another thing that makes granite the best is its ability to resist scratches, stains and impact.

Now you must be wondering which granite countertop to choose for your office reception. Don’t be confused. We have compiled a list of 7 best surfaces under granite to help you configure a perfect workstation that fits your reception room needs.

1. Alaska White Granite: Imported from Brazil, Alaska White granite is a gorgeous stone with a frosty blend of whites and pale silver, featuring warm onyx hues and warm neutral colours. You can create amazing granite reception desks, accent walls, floors or kitchen/bathroom countertops using this natural material.

2. Luna Pearl Granite: Occasionally known as Bianco Sardo granite, Luna pearl granite is a beautiful grey and white natural stone quarried in Spain. Its elegant layout appears welcoming and elegant, hence a perfect choice for your office space.

3. Colonial White Granite: Colonial White granite forms a blend of cloudy silver and jet black speckles on cottony-pale grey background. It comes in the form of slabs (2 cm or 3 cm) or granite tiles (12×12 or 18×18). It is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

4. New River White Granite: The New River White Granite is quarried in India. It features veining with stormy silver, as well as crimson speckles across its alabaster base hue. This store is generally used for creating reception desks, kitchen countertops, mosaic, monuments, flooring and exterior/ interior walls.

5. Topazio White Moon Granite: Topazio White Granite is a visually-appealing stone formed under the earth’s surface a million years ago. It is the result of magma after a volcanic eruption and available in various hues. This shade, however, is one of the most common colours found in the market today. Hailing from Norway, this granite is available in a combination of grey, green and blue. The Topazio White Granite is also called Branco Topazio Granite, White Topazio Granite and Topazio Whitestone.

6. White Ice Granite: The White Ice Granite boasts snowy shine, along with dark veining, to give a refreshing touch to the reception area in your office. From a distance, it appears that the white background of this granite is intertwined with grey coloured mineral deposits.

7. Bianco Ornamental: The white Bianco Ornamental Granite is quarried in Brazil. The white background is decked up with various hues speckles to form a visually-appealing natural stone. It will effortlessly blend into any contemporary office interior. This modern and sophisticated granite stone is perfect to highlight your reception desk while making the waiting area appear aesthetically appealing and inviting at the same time.