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Revamp Your Living Room Area to Look More Expensive


Are you starting to be bored with the way your living room looks? Has it become really drab and you’d like something more high-end? Well, if you’re looking for a change, look no further as this article will give you some useful tips on revamping the area where you spend the majority of your free time and host your guests. Take note of the guidelines below and make your living room seem more expensive.

Add different kinds of texture

A great and inexpensive way to start is by introducing all sorts of textures. For instance, get a large fluffy or jute carpet or soft pillows made from all sorts of fabrics, from silk to faux-fur. Moreover, long, thick, velvety curtains will make space look royal. However, fabrics are not the only thing where you can express yourself. You can integrate all sorts of metallic pieces, from wallpaper to light fixtures and side tables. Don’t be afraid to mix and match as that will most likely give your room a unique look that doesn’t seem super matchy-matchy. So, find glass and wood items which can also work in your favour.

Beautify it with large artwork pieces

To create a luxurious look, you should consider getting art for your living room. While all types and sizes of art are great, to really up to the ante, you should get some oversized pieces as they will definitely draw attention and serve as a focal point. You can use the previous tip of including metallics here, either by finding artwork that incorporates metallic paint or by getting a gorgeous frame. However, seeing as how art should be something meaningful to you, you should visit some secondhand shops, go to garage sales, look online or even have one of your friends paint something for you.

Get a few glamorous accessories

While on the lookout for some unique artwork, use this trip to vintage shops and garage sales to find other elements you can incorporate into the room. Maybe you find a cheap ottoman or an antique clock. You can also look for smaller items, such as picture frames, candlesticks, jewellery boxes and so on. If it looks a bit rustic, great – you can use it to your advantage. If it’s old, it probably has a unique history. Also, if you already own something that could potentially be glammed up, give it a makeover with a little bit of gold spray paint.

Carefully incorporate your electronics

In such a carefully crafted ambience, electronic devices can really be distracting. If you don’t mind your TV taking centre stage instead of some beautiful piece of art, that is fine. However, on the other hand, if you want it to be a bit more concealed, there are options. For instance, you can contact the experts from Ultralift who can create a custom design which will match your needs in terms of AV equipment. You can also try to make the TV a part of your gallery wall and surround it with various artworks.

Make a statement with the lighting fixtures

To create a comfortable atmosphere, you need to layer the lights in the room. Luckily, having different types of fixtures provides you with more chances to get something luxurious for space. For instance, think about looking for an opulent chandelier which can be the centrepiece of the entire living area. Or, you could tone it down a bit with some pendant lights. Then, you can have sconces in any design you think matches your overall aesthetic. If your wiring is a bit complicated and does not allow for many fixtures, you can look for some plug-in models and place them wherever you like. Don’t neglect floor and table lamps as well, seeing as how their lampshades play a big role in the design of the space. You don’t have to break the bank for this, just search at thrift shops, online or even at stores like Target.

These five are definitely not all you can do to make your living room look more expensive. In addition to that, think about adding crown moulding or creating an illusion of more space by including more mirrors. This project does not have to be expensive, just use your imagination, visit some vintage stores and you got this!