Home Exterior On-Budget Remodeling Tips: Increase the Value of Your Home

On-Budget Remodeling Tips: Increase the Value of Your Home


Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, you are probably looking into ways of increasing its value. In case you’re doing it on a budget, worry not as this is something that can be done without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions you can rely on to get a bigger ROI.

Fix up the landscaping

Do you have a front yard? If the answer is yes, great! That means that you have an easy way to attract potential buyers and catch their eye. The landscaping is a huge part of your home’s curb appeal so make sure you devote it enough attention. Taking care of the lawn, the trees and bushes in front of your home is free if you have the right tools and some time. So, mow the lawn regularly and ensure it’s green and luscious. Regularly trim the bushes and trees and get rid of dead branches and leaves.

Touch up the facade

The other crucial part of the curb appeal is the facade of your home. A couple of touch-ups to the exterior of a house can boost its value immensely. For instance, you can replace the front doors and all the windows and get some energy-efficient models. However, if the doors and windows are working properly, you can just repaint them. Consider a bold color like red or navy blue or something soft and pastel. For a small price, you can also give the entire facade a fresh coat of paint. Illuminating the entrance and getting a new house number might seem like small improvements but they can lift the home’s whole appearance.

Make the backyard functional

Many families want a spacious and practical backyard where they can spend the hot Australian summers. If your property is located in NSW where buyers often turn to professionals when looking for homes, you might be dealing with an experienced real estate buyers’ agent from Sydney, so it’s vital that you check what is popular in your area. For instance, do some research to find out whether having a pool pays off. Maybe building a deck or a pergola will help you increase the asking price. Being aware of what is in demand will allow you to update your backyard accordingly.

Think about the details

There are plenty of inexpensive details that you can add to your home to make it look more luxurious and thus increase its value. For example, crown molding often impresses buyers and makes the house stand out. Furthermore, you can replace all lighting fixtures with some modern versions. You can even match the materials of these fixtures with the doorknobs, cabinet handles and such similar items.

Replace the floors

Everyone talks about repainting your interior walls with neutral colors, and while this is a good tip, you should also think about the floors. Depending on the state the floors are in, you can choose to get new flooring for every room. For instance, changing the tiles and color palette of the bathrooms can make it look more appealing. On the other hand, if you think the floors need no replacing, you can also give them some TLC and make them shine.

Update the kitchen

Everybody likes a good kitchen. That is why you should look for the best upgrades that will provide you with a good return on investment. If you’re selling the house with the elements, having energy-efficient and state-of-the-art appliances will go a long way. Furthermore, make sure that space is practical and that potential buyers can imagine their family gathering in this area, by simply repainting the cabinets, replacing the faucet and properly illuminating the room.

Add more space

While a bit more on the expensive side, adding extra space to the home can pay off the manifold. Plus, there are many ways how this can be achieved. Starting small, if you have some unused area or room, try to convert it into a home office or an extra room. An unfinished attic or basement can also serve this purpose. On the other hand, for something bigger, you can add square footage to the house by adding a new room or expanding an existing one.

As you can see, if your house is in solid shape, there is no need for major renovations which often cost an arm and a leg. By simply improving some areas of your home and investing in some minor upgrades, you can boost the asking price and get a great ROI. Good luck!