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Incorporate the Mesmerizing Black in Your Backyard


Even though white is the color many of us think about regarding the backyard (white fence, white table with chairs, white pots…), you have to admit there’s something dramatic about a black backdrop in the yard. Incorporating just the right black details into greenery and colorful flowers will add a touch of mystery and smooth elegance, and here’s how to do it. Not to mention that it comes with more variety than you think.

Black fence – why do it

Let’s deal with the black fence first because it’s the most dominant man-made feature in a yard. There are many reasons why a black fence should be in your backyard.

First of all, a tall black fence forms a perfect layout for the landscape and forms a frame in which you will add other details, including furniture and various plants. Black edges give much more definition than white ones.

If you have pale surfaces inside the yard, for example, the patio or pathways, they will be more visible with a dark fence surrounding them. the black really makes pink, gray, beige and white tones of the yard surfaces shine. Just remember it’s important not to go too far with dark – if you have a black fence, don’t let the rest of the hardscape to be black, too – it will be overwhelming.

A black fence is also an excellent background for vivid blooms of your flowers – all those pinks, yellows and reds will dazzle the viewer when placed in front of the black fence. No need to blend the plants with the surroundings – let them dance vividly in front of your eyes.

A dark fence will also be a lovely contrast with the greenery – the bushes, the trees, the foliage and the grassblack look more striking in contrast with the dark fence. Play with paler and bright greens to see what works for you best.

Black patio and pathways

Having black surfaces will add a touch of elegance to the area. A clean, black surface will seem smooth, perfect for decorative pots and comfy furnishings. A black patio is easier to clean than pale surfaces and is simpler to maintain.

When you’re making pathways, you can choose between numerous styles and pave stones, just stick to black. Types like flamed granite paver work great for both the patio and the pathways. There’s something mysterious about dark pathways leading into the greenery deep in the yard – it’s enjoyable to walk on them. They are perfectly incorporated with the grass as they remind us of the black soil, just like we have formed the pathway with our bare feet.

Connect tradition with contemporary style

When you see wood stained in black, you know that you’re looking at something very modern yet deeply traditional (but not retro). This is a very unique mix of tradition and modern approach. You can choose it if you’re building a shack or a pergola. Even the roof above the patio can be made of wooden blackboards, just like in the old movies.

A black decorative item as a focal point

Our eyes are naturally more drawn to a black item than to flashy or bright colors. It isn’t a shock for the eyes but it is still quite a unique focal item. For example, you can place a black sculpture or some artistic item in the center of the yard and frame it with colorful flowers or greenery. It won’t be overpowering and steal all of the attention from the greenery but it will still be original and lovely in the center in its own way.

Incorporate weather into the design

You can use gray slate paving stones which turn into luxurious black whenever it rains or snows. If you choose a specific material that becomes inky when it’s wet, you’ll get two colors while having only one pavement or patio. So, you’ll be able to incorporate details that go with black when you have a period of summer rains or when the autumn comes, and play with other colors that work better with gray the rest of the days.

Final words

Don’t think that black means depressive state. It’s a statement of elegance and it works perfectly with the greenery of your backyard. Allow yourself to get playful with black and be chic!