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Timeless Home Decorating Ideas


In this world of fast-changing trends, we try to stay up to date with a significant effort. Our homes are our reflections and it’s understandable we want them to look modern and be comfortable at the same time.

Maybe you have grown tired of paying attention to what furniture colour is the latest hype. or if the wallpaper is démodé this year. In that case, you can opt for a timeless design inside your home. Contrary to what you may believe, there are design solutions and decorative pieces that will never go out of style. If you want to be done with major home improvement projects regarding the design, here are a couple of ideas that can stand the test of time.

Trendy colours and patterns used as accents only

Don’t go all crazy about the colour of the year and buy pieces of furniture in that colour. It will only last for one year and then what? The same goes for trendy patterns. Using them on material that covers your sofa will get you in trouble in a year or two. Instead, get smaller decorative items or pillowcases that come in trendy colours and patterns. That way, it will be cheaper for you to replace them when the time comes. Large pieces should be timeless while lamps, tableware, bedding, etc. can be contemporary and changed often to keep up with the current trends.

Go with classic style

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The classic style is the one that will never go away. Greek architecture can serve as an inspiration here – the busts, the architectural mouldings, the strong columns and stripes. Once you have the basis timeless, it’s easy to add decorative items that complement the architecture. This also means using natural materials and fibres all over the place, including brick, stone and wood, as well as cotton and silk.

The power of antiques

Once a piece of furniture reaches the status of an antique item, it will look great no matter how many years have passed. In other words, timeless decor always includes a couple of antique pieces carefully mixed with contemporary pieces.

Most of the antique items are made of high-quality natural materials, meaning that including them in your home decor will serve as a demonstration of great craftsmanship. Plus, it’s fairly easy to adjust the item to your style a bit by simply repainting it or replacing the hardware.

Modernize with art pieces

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When you stick to timeless furniture pieces, you can use artwork to stay in touch with contemporary trends. Whether those are paintings or artistic photographs, they can balance the trends with the classic. So, feel free to use contemporary art as decoration. Connect them with the classical pieces in the room through their colours. In other words, let the colours in the artwork complement the colours in the room, while its subject tells a modern story.

Nature never goes out of style

The need to let a part of greenery and flowers inside has led to the fact that every interior design will involve some form of plants. If you think you don’t have a green thumb to keep indoor plants alive for long, then follow the Australian example: fresh flowers brighten up the room immediately and can be replaced as often as you want. It’s a common thing there to find a flower delivery in Perth or Sydney, where professionals will arrange a bouquet specifically for your home design. You can go for elegant flowers or opt for vivid, wild blooms – depending on the style of the room. On the other hand, if you enjoy having potted plants inside, there is no reason why they couldn’t fit into your timeless decor. A pot in an appropriate colour will serve as a decorative item, while the plant itself brings life and calm into the room, being timeless in its beauty.


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Japanese minimalism has spread around the globe. Although you don’t have to adopt every element of the style from the far East, one element is definitely transferrable to the timeless design – decluttering. Cluttering your space is something that is not allowed in any stylish design. Control yourself and don’t overcrowd your living space. The minimalist design also includes smart use of the negative space – it’s the area for your eyes to rest and a type of an oasis that fits into every style.

Aiming at functional look

Among other things, timeless design is sensible and highly functional. In other words, it’s never all over the place nor is it boring. It is scaled very carefully, with almost flawless proportions. In a practical sense, this would mean your furniture needs to fit the room perfectly. Not being too large or too small not to carry any meaning at all. So, avoid poufy couches, as well as those which are too streamlined. Every item you put into the room has to have a purpose (functional or decorative one). Also, it should have a personal significance to you. Too many decorative pieces will make the room stuffy and they will lose their initial purpose. Similar to the minimalist design, less is more in the functional approach.

Oversized mirrors

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Oversized mirrors always look great. No matter if they are hung in the foyer, leaned against a wall or mounted above a chest of drawers. The fact that it reflects the light helps the room look bigger and brighter. And that’s what makes them even more desirable items. Of course, they serve more than just one function. If you choose a contemporary frame, it will become one of the trendy items in the room. On the other hand, a great antique mirror doesn’t have to be changed at all – it will add a touch of classic to your timeless space.

Final words

The timeless design saves you the trouble of keeping up with the trends every year and also saves you money. Carefully planning a timeless design and adding timeless decorative items into your home will be worth your trouble. You will live in a home that successfully mixes old with the new – at any given year.