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10 Tips To Take Care Of The Marble Worktops In Your Home

Marble Worktops in Kitchen
Marble Worktops

Marble worktops give a glamorous look to the place wherever they are installed. Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, the marble’s glow can add up to the beauty of the place. This precious glow of marble worktops come at the cost of extra maintenance. You need to be extremely careful with them to get the best out of them. This maintenance is not so much difficult if you do it at regular intervals. In this post, we will mention the top 10 ways of keeping marble worktops like new for years.

Marble Worktops in Kitchen
Marble Worktops

Use Wax Wisely

Wax is a very important material that can help you in keeping your marble clean as well as polished. But the problem with wax is it can reduce the brightness of white marbles. Hence, you should use it wisely for your marbles.

Clean the Stains as early as possible

It is important to clean the stains on your marble worktop as early as possible because marble is not as great stain-resistant as quartz and other options. You should use a good quality detergent along with water to clean the marble worktops.

Deal With Care

A famous saying goes like “Prevention is better than cure”. The same applies to marble worktops also. You should handle them with extreme care. Otherwise, you may have to spend a lot of time and money on bringing them back to their original shape. Don’t use metallic containers on your marble worktop to avoid damage.

Clean it Everyday

If you will clean your marble worktop every day, then their brightness will remain forever. You don’t need to put much efforts into everyday cleaning unless there is some stain or something like that. Simply wash it using water and you are done with it.

Keep Marble Worktops Safe from Acids

Acids can react with Calcium Carbonate to damage your marble worktops to a great extent. Hence, you should be extremely careful that even a single drop of acid does not come in contact with your marble worktop. This point is very important as damage done by acid to marble is unreversible. So, you should be extra careful with them.

Avoid Scratches

Scratches can ruin the beauty of your marble worktop. Hence, you must avoid them at any cost. If the colour of marble is white, even the slightest of the scratches are visible. So, you should avoid any of the scratches to your marble worktop.

Deal with Scratches Effectively

If somehow you couldn’t avoid the scratch, deal with it carefully. If it is a minor scratch, you can fix it on your own. But if you think you can’t remove the scratch don’t do something stupid. Contact a professional if you can’t handle the scratch on your own.

Use Marble Worktops Sealer

Marble sealer helps you in removing even minor stains that you can’t detect using naked eyes. This helps in keeping the marbles crystal clean and avoiding stains. Use a good quality marble sealer. You don’t have to use them daily, but you should clean your marble worktops weekly or bi-weekly using marble sealer.

Check the Acidity of any Cleansing Substance

As mentioned above also, marbles are highly reactive to acids. If you are using any of the substance for cleaning them, you should consider checking the acidity (pH value) of the substance. A low pH value denotes higher acidity and vice versa. Hence, knowing a little bit about the chemical properties of your cleansing agent will help you in protecting your marble worktops.

Focus on the Shine of the Marble Worktops

If your marble isn’t shiny, it is just a waste of money. Hence, focussing on how to make your marbles shine brighter is very important. But don’t overdo anything to get the shining effect as it may even lead to adverse effects also. Chamois is one of the widely used substances for polishing marble.

Having marble worktops increases the beauty of your house manyfold. But at the same time, if you are not maintaining your marble worktops well enough, it can leave a dull impression on visitors to your house. You should strictly follow the above-mentioned steps to keep your marbles shiny and bright. If at any point you feel confused about something, you must contact some professional before trying anything new with your marble worktop.