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Ideas For Setting Up Your Place From Scratch

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As a new homeowner, you’ll certainly find yourself completely caught off guard by the sheer amount of matters that you should have under your control. (And this especially goes for the folks who built their house for scratch, as well.

The thing is, you have to organize move teams, decide on what items you want to incorporate into your new habitat, so to speak, and then also try to figure out where you want to place your items after they’ve been brought in by the moving folks. Not to mention the paperwork you need to do after you’ve initially bought your house or apartment – the tasks just keep piling up.

That said, possibly the most likable of these tasks would be the part where you take different items into your house and arrange them around so that you feel satisfied with the final arrangement. This is the area where you can experiment, express your creativity, and customize the naked walls of your new home to your heart’s content. 

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In this article, we’ve compiled some ideas about how you can do just that! As you will see, there are many ways in which you can turn your home from a bland compilation of chairs and tables into a vibrant place, where you can invite your friends and family and not be ashamed of how everything looks. 

Right then, here’s the deal folks. 

Crafty Ideas for Setting up Your New Home From Scratch 

1) Front Door 

Making a good first impression is something that homeowners don’t often think about – but it can be achieved quite easily actually if you bothered to decorate your front door. 

Unless you have some sort of cheeky firefighter guests who routinely scale your apartment from the outside and enter through some of the windows, the folks who come to visit you will inevitably pass through the door. 

You can make this door anything you fancy. If you like dark wooden hues, go for it. If you don’t much care for those, you can simply paint your door white or some other colour of your liking. It’s up to you, so as far as you’re happy with it, knock yourself out with the paintbrush.

2) Pick the Color of the Walls 

This one is a no-brainer.

bedroom design patterns single wall
bedroom design patterns single wall

When you first move into your new apartment or house, you should start figuring out what color you’d like to have your walls painted. While sticking with the stock white may be a good solution for some arrangements, you shouldn’t ever feel discouraged from experimenting, you see. 

For example, you can pick a warmer hue like orange or purple, depending on what sort of arrangement you want from the rest of the living room and other areas. If you plan on hauling a bunch of red furniture and carpets in, then a colour that goes well with red or contrasts it a bit may be a good choice. 

3) Make Sure There’s Plenty of Natural Light 

Regardless of the overall furniture and carpet set up in your home, there’s one thing that you should never let slip out of sight – the natural light. 

The thing is, the natural light does not only make the items in your rooms better-lit and thus better-looking, but it’s also healthy for you and your family because natural light has numerous health benefits

So, to make the most out of, well, sunshine, make sure to fit larger windows and make sure they aren’t completely covered with immobile curtains or something. 

4) Include Mirrors on the Walls

… especially if your apartment or home is not that big, to begin with. 

The thing is, setting up mirrors around your house is an old trick to make the entire area appear bigger, so if you want your house to give off that impression of extra space that isn’t there – consider including a mirror or two on the walls across your house.

Also, you and your guests will get to see their reflections on the mirrors when they come over for dinner, which is also a small plus. (In case they need to fix their tie, or their hair is standing weird.

5) Consider Hanging Up Some Artwork 

Although a naked wall with a beautiful paint job can stand alone as a pretty surface to look at, hanging on it some interesting pieces of artwork can also be a great way to enrich the thing with some new meaning. 

The goal here is to express your cultural preferences and to project your sense of art so that you can feel truly at home when you look around on your walls. Also, you will cover the space on the wall, so the entire room will look richer and more visually appealing.

6) Pick Large Area Rugs

Whether you have parquet, a tile floor, or some other flooring arrangement, a well-made carpet can greatly enhance any surface and make the entire room appear warmer and more pleasant to be in. 

What makes carpets so popular is the fact that they feel great beneath the feet, can be set up in minutes and can sport elaborate patterns and other artistic themes that can make the entire thing interesting and satisfying to look at. (Possibly their only downside would be that they can be difficult to clean. So, make sure to vacuum clean them regularly, because if you don’t, washing them, later on, will be extra tough.)  

7) Declutter 

One of the easiest ways to turn an ugly-looking apartment into a beautiful one (or at least a less ugly one), would be to simply get rid of the old unnecessary stuff inside it. 

Although discarding an old cupboard you had for years may seem like a rough deal, doing it will not only free up some space in your living environment but also make some room for the newer items – even if you don’t buy them straight away. 

So, to be able to make your place devoid of clutter and other old rubbish, put on your rubber gloves, arm yourself with those large trash bags, and get to work. (For some of the heavier items such as that cupboard, you may want to invite someone to help you out.) If you think you may need help with moving some of the items in and out of your house or apartment, you may want to consider hiring a residential renovations team, which can help you arrange the furniture and other items in your house the way you like it. 

8) Choose a Theme or a Color Scheme 

If after you’ve arranged your room in the way you thought would work well, but for some reason, it doesn’t – you may need to opt for a single theme or predominant colour scheme to unify it all into one cohesive unit. 

For example, if you like the Wild West era of the United States, you fashion the rugs and the doors to resemble a salon setting. You can also get those high stools, poker tables, and perhaps an old piano. 

This is only one idea, of course, as you can arrange pretty much any theme if you put your mind to it. (Also, you might need a bit of money to make your particular theme come to life, but even on a smaller budget – there’s certainly a way to make something of substance come to life in your living room.

9) Set up a TV Cabinet 

This is a place where your TV will be placed and where all of the TV-related items can also be stored. This would include various remote controls, TV magazines, a popcorn-making machine perhaps, and a selection of DVDs. (Although these are getting rapidly out of fashion, so to speak. A non-tangible Netflix subscription will probably be more of a realistic accessory.)

Anyway, you can make watching TV a special sort of ritual for your family by reserving a special place for that TV apparatus. 

10) Consider Fitting Nightstands Beside Your Bed  

You’ve seen them in every film with a domestic setting, and they have been an inalienable part of every bedroom for ages. We’re talking about the good ole nightstand, of course!

These small, but fairly useful pieces of equipment have always had quite an interesting position in the bedroom, as they are typically placed right beside the bed, so you can have a glass of water during the night, or place some magazines in it and read them before you go to sleep. 

All things considered, setting your place up from scratch can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be boring or annoying. As long as you take into consideration your needs and take steps to express yourself creatively, so to speak, you can not only succeed in making your house a pleasant one to be in but also have loads of fun doing it.