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Never Want to Leave: 9 Tips for Making Your Home the Most Cozy Place

apartment architecture bookcase
apartment architecture bookcase

With winter months slowly, but surely approaching, leave the cold and the dark outside your doorstep and make your home the oasis of coziness, warmth, and comfort. Regardless of the size or style of your home, with these following tips, you can rest assured that the atmosphere you create will keep all the snugness in, and leave all the chilliness and the bustle of the outside world out where they belong.

1 – Introducing rugs and carpets

By introducing rugs or carpets, you will not only make the room literally feel warmer, but you also get the opportunity to improve the color palette or texture in the room, depending on what you need. If you are looking to add more texture, you can go for soft, plush rugs, or even classic patterned kilim carpets. To make your room extra cozy, you can also combine several smaller rugs to add visual interest to the room and make even its coldest, hardest part look cozy.

2 – Bringing your bathroom to the next level

Additional warmth is especially welcome in the bathroom. For a quick, simple improvement, add some texture to contrast the cold, smooth tiles. You can do this by adding any kind of textiles, from soft, thick rugs to towels and curtains. You can also bring in houseplants to soften the hard lines that are often difficult to avoid in bathrooms. And some things are a staple of coziness for a reason: so bring on the candles.

There is another thing that you can do for your bathroom to transform it into an even more pleasant room. It is the details that people tend to overlook, but you can change that by adding stylish bathroom hardware and really bring out the beauty of your ‘home spa center. For example, a well-chosen, elegantly designed, and smartly positioned mirror can open up a whole new dimension, both space-wise and esthetically.

3 – Choosing the right colors

Finding the best shade of a warm, soothing color is a sure way to make your space look more pleasant. Opt for an unobtrusive, natural shade for the backdrop and add accent colors to bring it out. If you are short on time, you can also change the color of elements such as curtains or upholstery instead of worrying about repainting the whole place. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match, as you want the colors well put-together, but not uniform. Aim away from cold colors as you will only achieve the opposite effect.

4 – Furniture layering

You don’t need necessarily to build a cushion fort, but make sure some of the building materials are always at hand, on your couch or armchair. Keep blankets and pillows close and stay warm and comfortable, whether you are reading, watching a series or napping.

5 – Creating a ‘bookworm corner’

Whether you get a library like Belle or a humble armchair is not that important, as long as you designate one little spot in the room for reading or another relaxing activity. Decorate it in a way that suits your needs, make sure you have good lighting, a surface to lean your book on, and pillows for maximum comfort.

6 – Setting the mood with proper lighting

It is amazing what proper lighting can do to a room: it can affect the way we perceive it in terms of size, color, and purpose. Include multiple light sources in the room so you can change the atmosphere according to your needs: if you are bringing a lot of people over, brighten the place up, if you need a quiet evening, dim the lights a bit. For a quick solution, replace the cool-colored bulbs with warm, yellowish ones.

7 – Surrounding yourself with pleasant smells

Every home has a distinct smell, so leave for the afternoon, come back and find out what your home smells like. If necessary, make changes to remove any unpleasant smells and later on, introduce a scent that is to your liking. That can include anything from scented candles, flowers, incense sticks or air fresheners to, if you are so inclined, the smell of baked goodies – hardly anything makes a guest feel like cozier than the smell of food.

8 – Opting for soothing wall art

Make your walls seem more soothing for you and inviting for your guests: make a gallery wall and hang some photographs that remind you of precious moments and places. Choose harmonious, yet engaging wall art that makes you feel good about yourself and avoid any distressing or overly chaotic pieces. When it comes to frames, go for the ones made out of wood or warm metals to complete the look.

9- Maintaining tidiness and avoiding ‘overstuffedness’

If you don’t have the time to constantly keep your place super tidy, at least keep the surfaces clear of clutter. This will do wonders for the mood in the room, as clear space is easier for our brains to process. Also, invest in some inconspicuous storage units, organize things carefully, and save some time for future you to chill in that bookworm corner.

In conclusion

When you are making your home cozy, you are also making it yours, which means the primary guideline you follow in this endeavor is what feels cozy to you. Just a gentle word of warning: once you have this soft, comfy refuge all setup, you (and possibly your friends) might never want to leave.