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Flooring Options For Your New Home

engineered wood flooring

The type of floor you choose for your new home determines how comfortable you will be. And because it’s the floor that bears the brunt of most of the activities you undertake at home, choose a floor that will withstand your daily activities. Also, ensure your flooring choice adds class and a taste of style to your home.

A good quality floor is a great investment with many benefits. It saves you money on repairs later on and makes your home look attractive, welcoming.

engineered wood flooring

Wooden flooring remains among the most sought after. The floors are not only classy but also long-lasting. Another advantage of engineered wood flooring that’s worth mentioning at the very onset is its versatility. It’s perfect for those who love wood flooring yet desire the versatility offered by vinyl or laminate. Moreover, engineered wood flooring also gives you a wide array of options to choose from for your home.

Of course, there are other flooring options like marble and carpet. We have, however, deliberately chosen to focus on engineered wood flooring because of the advantages mentioned above and more.

In support of this decision, let’s look at some of the choices you get to enjoy with engineered timber.


Different people have different tastes for colour. And we know that colour has an enormous bearing on your home’s interior design. And this is the advantage of installing engineered wood flooring. They come in a variety of colours, allowing you to select the ones that fit with your taste and interior design in general. You get engineered timbers in many different colours, including Argento, Sepia, Raba, Sienna, and Freado. They also come in a variety of tones and textures, adding to the range of choices at your disposal.

Board Styles

Even with the right colour and texture, you may want to go a notch higher with your specificity. You can achieve different feels with a board style, including chic, elegant, timeless, traditional, and rustic. Whatever the case, ensure your decision is well thought out to avoid unnecessary requests for modifications soon after the installation. Have a precise end game on your mind right from the beginning. By so doing, you achieve the exact design you want for your new home.


Depending on your unique needs, you have diverse sizes to choose from for your engineered wood flooring. First, you have the board surface area that allows you to choose length and width. Second, you have the depth, which is determined by the base floor on which you’d like to install the engineered wood flooring. Your desired stability and durability also influence size. The most reliable approach to selecting the perfect size is by seeking professional advice.

As mentioned earlier, we have focused on engineered wood flooring because of its fame, durability, stability, and affordability. Is engineered timber flooring better than Marble flooring? Well, that isn’t the focus of this article. However, it’s good to mention that engineered wood flooring is more affordable, and it blends in with a variety of interior designs. The options you get for colour, size, and style also make engineered wood flooring the go-to choice for most people.

As you choose a flooring option for your home, remember that your choice has the potential of making your room look busy, small, or spacious. That’s why you should have your desired results at the back of your mind beforehand.