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Top 5 Flooring Trends of 2019

Flooring Trends

Your floor material is a vital design component that can enhance your house aesthetic and experience. If it isn’t done right, the entire feel and tone of your room will be off. Therefore, when considering flooring options in 2019, you must look for the best. Whether you’re giving your home a completely new floor or revamping your current one, just be sure everything works for the better.

You may also consider implementing one or more of the prevailing trends in the flooring industry.

Flooring Trends

Below are some of the trending flooring options this year?

1. Environmentally Friendly Flooring

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. Flooring options that are environmentally friendly are heavily embraced. Homeowners are, therefore, going for renewable, sustainable, and recyclable flooring options. Renewable carpets and reclaimed wood are what most homeowners who want to be environmentally responsible are running for this year.

2. Tiles and Stones for Durability

Most people don’t mind so much about changing their floors. This group doesn’t go for options that wear out over a shorter period. Therefore, they choose flooring options that are durable like marble tiles and stones, among other materials that stand the test of time. For example, travertine tiles, limestone tiles, and marble floor tiles.

3. Concrete and Wood with Patterns for Theme

You no longer want your floor to be that silent space with no addition to the general theme of your home. If yes, some concrete and wood patterns and textures can be used to achieve amazing looks that blend in with your theme. For someone looking for an aging look, options like burning and scraping can be employed to deliver to your preferences.

4. Carpets for Regular Changes

Not everyone likes it when their floors stay the same for years. Another option that’s trending this year is the use of carpets. You can change carpets more often and choose colours, patterns, designs, and materials that complement the theme of your home. For the environmentally conscious, carpets become a great choice, especially those made of renewable materials.

5. Colourful Floors

colorful floors

Are you the kind of person who loves colours? While colours have for a long time been left to the walls and the furniture, there is a new trend that involves using beautiful and colourful flooring options. Whether you’re going for limestone, travertine, or marble floor tiles, you can choose a variety of colours that will suit your desired looks. When it comes to colours, however, you must ensure that you don’t end up with a colour clash. At the same time, your walls and furniture should blend in with your floor to create a friendly environment.