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How Do You Know You’ve Found Your Dream House


We have all had dreams as kids where we want to live. Once you shake off those unrealistic dreams like a Disney chateau, you are left with a model of a house you can actually afford to buy. However, when the realtor takes to see a house you should know exactly what you are looking for and even ask the right question.

(Re)painting the house

The importance of the color scheme inside and outside a residence should never be underestimated. Namely, you are probably initiating the buying procedure with a pretty good idea of how you want the walls of your new residence to look like. However, many homeowners get carried away and paint the interior, or even worse, the exterior of the house in wacky colors. A purple living room might look wacky but what you should really notice is a high cost of repainting the whole residence.

Does the house have what it takes?

In professional sports, scouts look for certain qualities in a player before they are willing to sign them. In “scouting” for a house, the same principle applies: does the house have everything you need. We are referring to the general layout, the size, the utilities, the fixtures, and everything else that you require your home to have. In fact, setting your needs and requirement on paper would be wise so you don’t forget anything.

Instagram as a good thing

We live in an age when people like to share snippets from their lives on social media. Instagram is among the top 10 social media platforms for sharing images and strangely enough, a solid indicator whether you like a house or not. You needn’t actually post anything online but if you feel the urge to snap a photo in order to share it with your followers, i.e. your friends and acquaintances, then you must really like the property.

When you lose interest in other homes

Taking photos of a home you like is one thing but refusing to look at any more homes is the next level of liking. Although the free market economy, real estate agents, and common sense all tell you to keep searching, you have probably already set your heart on the house you see a few days back. It might have been one of the local display homes the realtor took you to but the excitement you feel is a strong indicator that is the pieces of property you are buying.

Imagining where the furniture will go

An upside of display homes is that they are furnished in the best possible manner so you needn’t imagine much. However, if you’re the dreamer type, then it’s a good thing to imagine where will each and every piece of furniture you own go in the new home. This means that you are willing to commit to this real estate you are already making the next step in your head. The scenario resembles kissing a girl/boy and imagining how your life together would look like.

Is the bathroom of any interest to you?

Over the years, realtors start noticing that prospective buyers find the bathroom the hardest room to relate to. In fact, it often the case that buyers won’t even enter the bathroom but are happy to get a glimpse of it from the hallway. This is a clear sign that they are not interested in the room because the water room is the most intimate part of every house.

A good psychoanalyst would probably say that their subconsciousness doesn’t like the house so they are not willing to venture its most intimate section. On the other hand, if you enter the bathroom with as much as stopping at the door and looking into its every nook and cranny, then be aware that you probably like the house, a lot!

An attorney for the house

Ever heard of the Stockholm syndrome? Believe it or not but you might succumb to it while viewing a house. However, in your case, this is a good thing because it means that you must really like the house. When the real estate agent starts being honest and points out the property’s downsides (“You know, the roof does have a small leak”) you will be fast to defend the house by retorting something like: “Oh, but the living room is grand!” If you haphazardly turn into the house’s attorney, then be certain that you have grown fond of the residence.

These were just some of the best indicators whether you like a house you are being shown. Of course, the more residences you look at, the greater the chances of finding your dream house. However, even this occurs, you should be able to distinguish all the telltale signs that this is your next home.