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De-Stress Your Nest: 7 Things in Your Bedroom Making You Anxious


When we decorate our bedroom, we want to make it as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. But, after a while, we fail to notice that some things in our bedroom stress us out. Even if the number of activities we do in the bedroom is limited to just a few, you need to de-stress your relaxing nest.

bedroomIt’s not an oasis of calm

A bedroom is a place where we step in to recharge, refresh our bodies, minds, spirit and relax. It’s where we sleep, therefore it should provide us a well-deserved sense of calm. If it’s a calm area, you’ll have amazing sleep every time. If it isn’t, then you have to change the first thing that stresses you out. Clutter is something we create when we fail to keep control of it. Organize your things, put your clothes into the wardrobe and drawers. Use the space under your bed as storage, if you can. 

It’s filled with tech

Tech filled bedroom can disrupt the quality of your sleep. It was relieved that electromagnetic energy can affect your circadian rhythm and disrupt your sleep pattern. First of all, limit the amount of time you spend on your phone. Mobile phones emit blue light that tricks your brain into thinking that it’s daytime and that you don’t need to sleep. Stop using your phone at least two hours before sleep. Keep it in your living room, not in your bedroom. Invest in a digital alarm clock that will wake you up every morning instead of your phone alarm. Then, keep the TV out of the room. You might be inclined to watch it until you fall asleep. But, this practice only prolongs your wakefulness. Keep it out or if that’s not an option, don’t watch it just before sleep and remember to unplug it completely.

Working out equipment

Workout equipment like a treadmill or an elliptical simply takes up too much space. If you use it daily, then you’re lucky to have made room for it.  Even if you’re hyped up to workout at home, at some point you’ll probably lose the motivation and use it as the clothes hanger. Instead of using them to hang your clothes, move them to your living room or somewhere else. It’ll probably motivate you more to workout than the area that is a synonym for sleep and relaxation. If that’s not an option, don’t keep it near your bed. 

Boring bed linens

Plain white or beige linens are the safest choices. They are neutral and fit into every color scheme. But, having the same neutral color pattern in your bedroom can be boring. Instead of matching bed linesns, try mixing things up. You can elevate your beige linen by using a fuchsia-colored pillowcase. Try it up a bit by playing with colored pillowcases. When you get used to a vibrant pop of color, buy some colored bed linens. You can also introduce different textures like a patchwork duvet or velvet bedspread. Play with decorative elements and use it to turn your boring bed into the main centerpiece in the room.

Too much light

Too much light in the morning can be another reason why you feel stressed. If the room is well lit, it can also disrupt your sleep pattern. Waking up before your alarm clock rings can ruin your mood. So, choose a proper window treatment that can both limit the excess light and improve the overall decor of the room. Based on your color preference and type of blinds, you can find the right type at Marlow & Finch. Motorized blinds are the best option if you love to sleep late but hate getting out of the bed to dim the light. Also, switch your high-wattage bulbs for something less strong and dimmer.

The chair

It happened to all of us – you wake up in the middle of the night and see a dark shaped figure sitting on a chair. When you turn on the lights, you realize that you were spooked by a pile of clothes sitting on a chair. Sadly, we all have that habit of piling clothes over a chair instead of using the wardrobe. We can call it the chair and it’s another thing that can stress you out in your bedroom. Once you get into the habit of returning clothes were they belong, the chair will no longer spook you at night.

It’s too dusty

Regular hygiene of your bedroom is also required if you want to enjoy your bedroom. Regular vacuuming is essential because too much dust can disrupt your nasal passage. Keep the dust away from the room by cleaning it properly. Air it out regularly, especially when you wake up and before sleeping.  Take your pillows and matters out into the soon to kill all bacteria. Sunlight is the natural way to kill all bacteria and air them out as well. Remember to vacuum your pillows and your mattress to remove dust mites. 

These seven things can help you turn every boring bedroom into a stress-free oasis. Once you do this, your bedroom will turn out to be your favorite room in your place.